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Capitol Quotes: Jan 21, 2011

“It will be a combination of cost-cutting, just ruthless cost cutting, not only going to the bone but beyond the bone.” — Board of Regents Chairman Anne Mariucci on how the universities will cope with a proposed $170 million budget cut.

“I have seen a couple of letters that she’s sent in regards to some solutions, but not a real proposal with pen and pencil and figures and numbers. … If you have a copy of it, forward it up. I’d be glad to look at it.” — Gov. Jan Brewer, responding a reporter’s question about Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s ideas for restoring transplant coverage that was cut from AHCCCS.

“They know that. The governor knows that. It’s just hard to say it.” — Rep. Tom Chabin, who is sure tuition hikes are coming, on the Governor’s Office’s comments that deep cuts to the university system won’t necessarily result in higher tuition.

“I know there are some who say they have every right in the world to wrap their car around the telephone poll while texting. But they don’t have a right to take out other people at the same time.” —Tucson Republican Sen. Al Melvin, who said he will again push for legislation prohibiting texting while driving this year.

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