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Financial disclosure forms now available on Secretary of State’s website

Arizonans won’t have to wait until the next scandal to see their elected officials’ financial disclosure forms.

Secretary of State Ken Bennett today announced that financial disclosure forms are now posted on the his office’s website. The page shows the 2011 disclosure forms for all legislators and statewide public officials.

All elected officials and candidates for office are required to submit the forms, which include business interests, property owned, debts and gifts, but in the past they could only accessed through a direct request to the Secretary of State’s Office. Bennett said the addition of the disclosure forms to the website would make them more accessible to the public.

“The intent of requiring lawmakers and elected officials to file financial disclosures was to provide the opportunity for the public to scrutinize the forms for potential conflicts of interest. Now people can take advantage of that transparency online,” Bennett said in a written statement.

The changes come just weeks after more than a dozen legislators and other elected officials, including Bennett himself, amended past reports to include free trips and football tickets from the Fiesta Bowl. Many of the unreported gifts were revealed in a report commissioned by the Fiesta Bowl.

Bennett spokesman Matt Roberts said the Secretary of State’s Office may expand the website to include past reports, though it has no plans to do so in the near future.

To see the financial disclosures, go to: http://www.azsos.gov/election/financial_disclosure

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  1. Why would you post a story like this and not give a web link to the disclosures? It makes absolutely no sense. I had to go to another news source to find the link. Now, if you really wanted to do something useful, you would take the data in the individual disclosure forms and compile them into a table so that the public could easily view the data and compare the information.

    Thank you.

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