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McCain faces angry crowd at Gilbert town hall

An angry crowd of constituents voiced their frustration at U.S. Sen. John McCain over issues ranging from characterizing “tea-party” members as “hobbits” to the nation’s faltering economy.

McCain started out a town hall meeting in Gilbert Monday night by blasting the economic policies of the Obama administration.

The Arizona Republic reports the mostly conservative crowd began to turn on the senator when he opened it up for questions.

One Gilbert resident demanded McCain apologize for a comment made last month on the Senate floor about “tea party hobbits.”

McCain explained he was reading from a Wall Street Journal editorial, and he meant the notion of passing a balanced-budget amendment now is fantasy, like hobbits. McCain said he was sorry if it was misunderstood.

Others chided McCain for negativity and blaming President Barack Obama and Democrats for the nation’s troubles.

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  1. As far as I am concerned, the Republicans have been bad enough at trying to govern and with political and personal behavior: however, they have been trumped by the Democrats. This Democrat alleged POTUS and his toadies in the so-called media are indeed shameful but when you couple them with the incompetent appointees he has gotten seated on the SCOTUS, in his own cabinet and as agency heads, one can hardly wonder why we are a nation in decline. Self-centered, greedy, egotistical persons (no matter what affiliations they have) do not, and never will make good leaders. In the first place, they do not lead. They only pretend to lead and make gullible persons believe it by using various irresponsible means.

  2. The Tea Party is full of it. They don’t have a clue what they stand for. Never could get a straight answer ut of one of them. Why don’t you go to one of Obama’s town hall meeting’s and have it out with him instead of picking on one of your own. Oh, I get it…you must be a chicken sh**t with no balls! I bet you have a really big excuse not to do so. As for Kyle Lohmeyer…kiss my a**s!

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