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Lewis: Do you really want to talk ethics?

Pearce’s allies have seized on the controversy about donated school items that Lewis gave away when he was serving as a principal to show he’s not as saintly as depicted.

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  1. Teacher(s) at Jerry Lewis’ charter school filed a lawsuit charging Lewis with theft from the Homeless Children donations.Go to Sonoran Alliance and check out the legal documents.

    The legal documents also shows the Facebook entry made by the teacher friend in which she discloses that she obtained nearly $1,000 from the sale of the donated items Lewis gave her.

    Negative Comments (3) from Lewis’ Fellow Teachers:

    Jerry Lewis made himself principal of the school (even though he did not have the training or state certificate to be one) while he was also the assistant superintendent. The morale and academics plummeted under him

    In the two years I worked while Jerry was principal I saw favoritism, heavy-handed tactics, and a decline in academics. The behavior of Jerry is far worse than Dr. Dowling was accused of.

    Crazy thing is that through her contacts she brought in more funds for the school than what they paid her. Jerry did not like her constantly catching him spending donated funds incorrectly

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