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Dem Party chair yet to make good on recall threats

Luis Heredia (Photo by Bill Coates)

Despite a vow to do so, the head of the Arizona Democratic Party has not filed recall petitions against four senators who voted to remove the chairwoman of the state’s redistricting committee.

“Everything’s on the table, but I think right now we need to be focused on the legal focus of the fight,” Democratic Party executive director Luis Heredia said today.

Heredia told the Arizona Capitol Times on Tuesday that he would file recall petitions against Sens. Michele Reagan, R-Scottsdale; John McComish, R-Phoenix; Rich Crandall, R-Mesa; and Adam Driggs, R-Phoenix, if they voted in favor of removing Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission Chairwoman Colleen Mathis.

His argument was that the senators were so-called “moderates,” and by going along with Gov. Jan Brewer on the IRC issue, they were betraying the will of their constituents.

On Tuesday, during a special session called by Brewer, the Senate voted to remove Mathis, accusing her of “gross misconduct” and potentially violating open meeting laws. All Senate Republicans voted in favor of the measure.

Although Heredia said he firmly believed that the senators’ votes “created an offense that deserves to be subject to a recall,” he said there are some logistical issues to the recall process.

Given the number of steps involved, Heredia said that even if Democrats were successful at initiating a recall, the senators in question may be up for re-election at that point anyway.

If the state Democratic Party does decide to file the petitions and start collecting signatures, it would have a lot of work to do before getting the issue to the ballot.

In Reagan’s District 8, it takes 18,775 valid signatures; in Driggs’ District 11, it takes 16,903; in Crandall’s District 19, it takes 13,623; and in McComish’s District 20, it takes 9,776.

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  1. Love it! The progressives like Heredia told the 3-2 Dems how to draw the new maps. If Lewis wins the Recall, he is thrown under the bus in 12 months since the Dems have him running against their superstar- ASU’s David Schipara.

    The new map forces Lewis to run against Schipara but no other Republican like Pearce or Crandall. Talk aboiut gerrymandering-just carved out Lewis’ house so Lewis would have to run in the ASU-controlled corridor with 85K students and 50k staff with ASU’s Schipara and very little LDS voters. Easy sailing for Schipara! And Lewis used and abused by his progressive supporters only for the Recall.

    Lewis will be a pariah for 12 mos in the Republican-controlled legislature then Lewis has to find another school job. #1-fired due to frauding the state by $1.2 million overstating 400 students. Second school-lawsuit concerning Homeless Donations. Cannot work as a CPA any more-fired from last CPA job. No work at LDS church after splitting the membership in two and incredible attacks about Mormonism on the blogs.

    Meanwhile, Heredia wants to recall Crandall (an Open Border Republican). The Libs drew the news mapsso that Crandall-and only Crandall-would run against Pearce. Recall Crandall and Pearce will have no competitors. Lewis thrown on the progressive trash heap.

    You sleep with dogs…you get fleas.

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