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All that was missing was a blood oath

The unusual display of loyalty isn’t surprising, said Pearce backer Constantin Querard. “He’s the real deal. We always talk about these people who are willing to step up no matter what the consequences are, but we speak of them as if they are hypothetical or historical figures. Russell is that guy. I don’t know if he’d be so popular with the base if he wasn’t so hated by the opposition,” he said.

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  1. Russell Pearce was ousted by his own District in a recall election of voters he was elected to represent. Does this make him the real deal? His “blood oath” supporters along with Olivia Cortez worked to deceive voters in the recall election; Pearce accepted $40,000 of Fiesta Bowl benefits for his own personal use, he proposed to take away the citizenship rights of children born in the U.S.; turn schools and hospitals into immigration offices; his stance on immigration has not solved any economic problems for the state or created jobs; his rhetroic created an unhealthy business environment; caused divisiveness and “ugly” political rhetoric; through his actions on the Senate floor, Latino students were categorized as seeking gang membership and being unpatriotic to the U.S.; What does this say about the “real deal”? Explain that to the voters.

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