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Veto of guns bill makes us less safe

What a gun-crying shame.

We’re all less safe with the veto of the well-written no-guns-in- buildings law, incorrectly labeled by the media and rights-deniers as the “guns-in-buildings” law.

Now, instead of guaranteeing that sensitive places — guarded by metal detectors, controlled access and guards — are truly gun-free, we can only merrily believe wide-open buildings with no-gun signs — and absolutely no controls — are gun-free. It’s Pollyanna on steroids.

Truly sensitive buildings that should be protected needed that law and the safeguards it provided. Now, all we get are feckless paper signs.

Thanks, governor.

Make no mistake: Libraries, public schools and public buildings are stark-naked targets. No guards, no scanners, we won’t even have law- abiding, armed adults present to respond, which the vetoed bill authorized. Gun bigots did this by falsely screaming, again, that the bill would magically turn good people into psychotic killers.

Complicit media concurred.

Remember — police are second responders. People assaulted are always the first responders, despite deceptive “news” reports. When seconds count, police are just minutes away.

Now you have gaping open public places, without even your own Auntie Annie there to offer defense. Shame on those who would deny our civil rights in the false name of safety.

— Alan Korwin is the author of “The Arizona Gun Owner’s Guide.”


  1. No one in the Chinese hierarchy could have written better propaganda than this. Suddenly, public buildings in Arizona, which have been by-and-large safe, are unsafe because armed individuals are not explicitly invited to bring loaded firearms into those places? Mr. Korwin might also ascribe to the false logic that, in the case of the tragic assault on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her constituents, things would have gone better if everyone in/around the shopping center had been armed. I disagree. If everyone had been armed, there would have been a hail of bullets flying in all directions, the likes of which aren’t seen outside a Taliban ambush of a Multinational Force convoy. Things would have gone better in Tucson had the deranged gunman not been able to buy a 30-bullet clip. The NRA is not a force for freedom. It is a force for a special interest, the gun and ammo manufacturers, and they are expertso at whipping fearful people up into a frenzy.

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