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Arizona Senate OKs states’ rights ballot measure

Al Melvin

The Arizona Senate has reversed itself and approved a proposed ballot measure to declare that the state has sovereignty over the air, water and other natural resources within its boundaries.

The proposed constitutional amendment failed on its initial Senate vote but was approved Monday on a 16-14 vote.

It had already been approved by the House but now returns to that chamber to consider changes made by the Senate.

Republican Sen. Alvin Melvin of Tucson has said the proposal would position Arizona to fight alongside other states in West to take control of forests and other resources. He says federal regulation restricts economic development.

Democratic Sen. David Schapira of Tempe has called the proposal a waste of time. He says supporters should just propose that Arizona secede from the union.

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  1. Until Arizona citizens are willing to insist that its legislators should be paid enough to attract a cadre of elected officials willing to learn the complexities of public policy issues and their treatments, the State will continue to elect only those people who don’t need the money, and who are willing to spend time on nonsense and simple-minded proposals to “fix” problems that they presume are caused by either illegal aliens or social deviants who believe in addressing distributional inequities. In short, real policy proposals obviously cannot be developed and deliberated by part-time legislators who are full-time fools. Pay legislators a decent salary, and attract people who respect the public service required to properly wield the levers of power.

  2. Arizona wants control of federally owned land. That is what this law is all about. I guess legislators are there to serve the developers interested in further development and hindered because the federal government owns some of the land. Many developers do not want to be burdened by protecting the environment and its citizens so they are busy lobbying individuals like Alvin Melvin to support this legislation. The feds are not going to approve this no matter what state legislation is passed. Is Arizona fighting to be its own country and secede from the United States? Maybe the cities can also secede from Arizona and control their own tax dollars rather than depend on the state too!

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