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Activists: Immigrants treated unfairly in ID cases

Bipartisan group proposes Arizona immigration plan

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Activists accused the Maricopa County attorney’s office Friday of bringing excessive charges against illegal immigrants arrested for identify theft crimes, arguing that college students found with fake IDs at bars are held to a different standard.

Under state law, illegal immigrants found with fake Social Security or ID cards could face felony charges of forgery and false identity that bar them from posting bail.

In contrast, college students found with fake IDs often have the document seized before being released.

The charges against illegal immigrants are an “unconscionable application of the law,” attorney Antonio Bustamante said during a news conference organized by the League of United Latin American Citizens outside Superior Court.

The activists demanded less severe penalties, saying the arrests can result in months of jail time.

Jerry Cobb, a spokesman for County Attorney Bill Montgomery, dismissed the allegations, noting college students with fake IDs are not defrauding anyone, while illegal immigrants often use fake documents to obtain jobs and file false tax documents.

“That is just so bogus,” Cobb said. “They are not defrauding anyone. They are just lying about their age and are charged as such.”

Bustamante and other immigration lawyers argued that illegal workers should be charged with a lesser felony that would allow them to post bail and remain at home while waiting for the criminal case to move forward.

“Evenhanded justice is all we are asking for,” said lawyer David Cutrer, who recently represented a man charged with forgery after being arrested during a job-site raid. The 72-year-old warehouse worker spent six months in jail waiting for his trail to begin, Cutrer said.

The immigration attorneys said they called attention to the issue after Tempe police put out a press release this week boasting of college bar raids that resulted in the seizure of more than 1,700 fake IDs used by minors in 2012.

“We say, ‘oh, they are just kids being kids,'” Cutrer said, noting that illegal immigrants are not afforded the same treatment.

In 2006, Arizona voters approved a law that denied bail to illegal immigrants charged with serious crimes.

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  1. It is shameful the way Arizona handles the immigrant community. This is NOT a “compassionate conservative” state.



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