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I am a female Hispanic Democrat and I am voting for Doug Ducey

Catherine Miranda

Catherine Miranda

For the first time in my life, I am supporting a Republican candidate for governor. I am proud to endorse Doug Ducey. We can no longer afford to compromise by electing career political insiders. As a native Arizonan and a sitting state legislator, I am faced with the consequences of the current economic climate every day. Our schools are underperforming, our businesses have been slow to recover and state revenues are falling short of projections. Doug Ducey is the only candidate I trust to improve Arizona because he has an honest, straightforward approach.

The coming generations will be faced with unique trials and challenges. The choice you make today will define Arizona. This election isn’t about Republican or Democrat, but rather selecting the best leader for our state. Doug Ducey is the only candidate with a proven record and the capability to unify our residents behind a singular vision. I know he will put politics aside and achieve positive outcomes for our students, teachers, first responders, business owners and hardworking families.

Today, our families are faced with two major challenges – our education system is failing our students and our economic recovery has been sluggish. I have dedicated much of my professional life to improving our school system. As a mother, former principal and teacher, I have witnessed firsthand the importance of putting more dollars into the classroom and the significance of retaining great teachers. Doug Ducey has a comprehensive vision to improve our education system and ensure our students are prepared for a prosperous future.

The families in my district are struggling to find high quality employment opportunities. We don’t need more political talking points, like let’s “grow the middle class,” we need a governor who has a proven business record of creating jobs. Doug Ducey is the only candidate who has real business experience and understands exactly what it takes to grow our economy. Our families cannot afford more empty promises from career insiders and lifelong lobbyists. What we need now is authentic, trustworthy leadership – we need Doug Ducey as governor.

We have the grit and determination to make critical reforms that will benefit our kids and families. Arizona was built by industrious entrepreneurs, forged by our work ethic and driven by our commitment to providing better outcomes for our families. But it’s not just about fixing education and improving the economy: Our next governor has to be strategically agile in order to systematically resolve new challenges that will arise.

Join me in supporting Doug Ducey for governor. Let’s put politics and party designation aside because together, we can make the best decision for Arizona. Doug’s vision will help us grow our businesses, create great jobs, improve our schools and most importantly, give each and every one of us equal opportunity to succeed.

I wholeheartedly endorse Doug Ducey for governor because he will provide opportunity for all.

– Catherine Miranda is a Democrat representing the 27th District in the Arizona House of Representatives.


  1. What a disappointment. Talk about having a price. You have serious balls to mention Ducey’s business record as though it is an asset. Just like a Republican you are depending on people’s ignorance to swallow your lies. Ducey was fired as CEO of Coldstone after scamming hundreds and leaving them penniless.
    You ought to be ashamed. What a disgrace.

  2. That’s a lot of words containing no specific policy proposal of any kind, Rep. Miranda. Unimpressive.

  3. As a business person and supporter of Fred DuVal, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Catherine Miranda’s endorsement.

    Please note:

  4. I fail to see what it is that inspires you so about Doug Ducey. He has shown Tucson that he doesn’t find it important enough to spend much time there. He did as much for the UofA students who invited him to a debate there.
    What exactly is his fine plan for education? I have yet to hear or see it laid out in detail.
    Relevant experience? 2 years as treasurer – he’s just getting his feet wet. Seriously – Jan Brewer spent decades more time working for the state and can we actually consider her prepared?
    Selling franchises is “real business experience” just as being a Mall Santa is “real acting experience”.
    But enjoy that ice cream that gets dished out while Ducey takes care of his Koch cronies.

  5. Parent of 2 students

    That Doug Ducey thinks it’s to his credit to use Catherine Miranda as an endorsement is a sorry example of the judgement and intelligence of both Ducey and Miranda. Two fish swimming in the same dirty mud puddle.

  6. How does Mr. Ducey plan to help Education in AZ when he supports appealing the Court ruling that the State must pay the Millions of dollars it owes schools? He is against Common Core, yet the District that ranked highest in AIMS has been doing Common Core for a couple of years – even though AIMS was not supposed to measure Common Core. Does he realize that the AZ College and Career Readiness Standards are 99% Common Core & were partially written by AZ teachers, not an Obama mandate? He supports giving more money to Charter Schools who don’t have to follow the same rules & therefore suck vital funding out of the public school systems. He supports Private Prisons & curiously the biggest indicator of future prison need is 3rd grade reading proficiency, but doesn’t have a solid plan (only rhetoric at this point) to increase literacy levels. I will leave it to others to argue the merit of his business experience, but running a franchise-style business (essentially selling a concept to people who have scraped together some money & are trying to realize the American Dream) is very different from creating an environment that produces a strong economy. He should know that AZ does better when we all are successful, not just 2/3 of the people who invest in your business.

  7. No shame here. I’ll be the first AZ Latino and card carrying Democrat to give thanks and a welcome to Representative Miranda for the courage of her convictions.

    Having practiced my American obligation to vote, since 1972, I will continue to do my civic duty, and likewise, will proudly cast my ballot for Doug Ducey as the next Governor of the great State of Arizona. (Believe me, other Democrats will follow suit)

    The hardline agenda of compliance politics of today’s unrecognizable Democrat Party continues to burn bridges, cutting off and isolating moderate, conservative and traditional leaning Dems. Did you folks actually expect constitutional defending Democrats to just continue to sit by and watch the perpetual stripping of their unalienable rights from their pursuit of the American dream?

  8. Kerri Lawrey-Jones

    “Doug Ducey is the only candidate who has real business experience and understands exactly what it takes to grow our economy”

    Correction Doug Ducey was the CEO of one of the largest franchise failures in US history. Many people lost their life savings, their jobs, and their future because of his inept leadership and poor judgement. You should do your due diligence, Ms. Miranda – this proves you know nothing of the candidate you are endorsing and causes one (likely many) to question your integrity.

  9. I regret signing the petition to have Miranda put back on the ballot. She voted for a politician that cut school funding, when she herself worked in public education and knows the hurt that schools are feeling with all these cuts. She talks like the governor has this big bright plan that will work for education, but it’s all political p.r garbage. She is ridiculous and a disgrace. Hope she gets voted out.

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