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Governor-elect’s initiative is crucial to helping the less fortunate

Gov. Elect Doug Ducey (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)

Gov. Elect Doug Ducey (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)

“Serving Arizona.”

That’s what Governor-elect Doug Ducey calls his initiative to encourage the importance of giving to others.

As executive director of the largest St. Vincent de Paul in the country, we are thrilled that he has launched this initiative.

The need for giving in this community is great because the needs of the less fortunate are even greater.
That’s why St. Vincent de Paul every day goes about our mission to Feed. Clothe. House. Heal.

Governor-elect Ducey is not just talking about it. He is doing something about it. He launched the Serving Arizona effort by coming to St. Vincent de Paul and volunteering less than a week after being elected.

Afterward, he spoke about how many Arizona families and children lack adequate shelter and food, particularly during the holidays. He asked Arizonans to donate time, food, clothing and money to benefit children in need.

“We want to highlight those who we can help,” Ducey told reporters. “I really believe there’s so many of us that can do more and that everyone can be a part of this, whether it’s providing food or clothing or a few extra dollars.”

At St. Vincent de Paul, we see what can happen when people do more. We can feed more people, provide clothing for more people, offer temporary housing for more people and treat more people in our medical and dental clinics.

We also appreciate our vast number of volunteers who come to St. Vincent de Paul to help. As many will tell you, they receive more out of it than they give. And we are always in need of more volunteers because there are always ways more people can help.

Many families in need are forced to make impossible choices. Do they put food on the table or pay the electric bill? Do they pay their rent or take their sick child to the doctor?

The families we serve aren’t choosing among wants. They are choosing among basic needs and too many children in our community are going without. And too many parents have nowhere to turn for help.

That’s why what we do at St. Vincent de Paul is so important – to Feed, Clothe, House, Heal children and families who are struggling. And they receive this help from volunteers who do it with dignity, compassion and love.
There’s another way people can help, thanks to the state.

Taxpayers can redirect a portion of their state tax dollars and provide it to organizations that help those in need. The tax credit is $200 for single taxpayers or heads of households and $400 for married couples.

For example, if a married couple donates $400 to St. Vincent de Paul, the state will reduce their tax liability by the same amount if the couple files state Department of Revenue Form 321.

This tax credit option is crucial for organizations such as St. Vincent de Paul. It is also good for our state as it encourages people not only to take an interest in nonprofits but to actively support those charities that serve those most in need. Our experience at St. Vincent de Paul shows that many of the people who use the tax credit also volunteer, participate in our various drives and give beyond the tax credit. This makes our community a better place.
“Serving Arizona.”

Governor-elect Doug Ducey recognizes the importance of doing this. We hope even more people in our community will answer the call.

– Steve Zabilski is executive director of St. Vincent de Paul. www.stvincentdepaul.net.

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