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Trump benefits from Scottsdale zip code, although it gave more to Rubio


If money is an indication of support, Donald Trump has a lot more of it in a tony north Scottsdale area than anywhere else in the country.

An analysis of donations from the Center for Responsive Politics shows donations for Trump from zip code 85255 this year amount to $29,860. That’s the highest figure of any area in the nation, edging out even Newport Beach in California and Palm Beach in Florida.

The zip code runs from Bell Road north to Jomax Road and from Scottsdale Road on the west to the McDowell Mountain Regional Park. And the folks in that zip code do have money to give.

According to the web site, the median household income of residents is $109,087. That’s more than double the national average.

In fact, nearly a quarter of the residents have a household income greater than $200,000.

Overall, it appears that those who live there like Republicans and their causes more than Democrats.

The biggest beneficiary of financial largesse from residents is the Arizona Republican Party which the Center for Responsive Politics says got more than $200,000 from 85255 residents.

Another $100,000 went to the Freedom Partners Action Fund, which gives money to conservative politicians and groups, with nearly $82,000 to the Republican National Committee.

And while Trump got more money from this zip code than any other in the nation, the money trail would suggest he wasn’t their first choice: Marco Rubio picked up close to $77,000 from area residents. And they gave another $55,400 to his Conservative Solutions PAC.

In general, the report shows that residents have a fondness for the Grand Old Party.

Of donations to candidates, the Center for Responsive Politics says $463,500 this year went to Republicans; Democrats pulled in less than $98,000 from those in 85255.

But there apparently are some Democrats living there — or at least folks who don’t want to see Trump in the White House.

According to the report, Hillary Clinton managed to raise almost $60,000 from area residents. That’s more than they gave to John McCain in his bid for reelection.

But it’s not even close to what Clinton has been able to pick up elsewhere. Her top source of dollars was the 10024 zip code in New York City which encompasses the upper West Side of Manhattan, between 77th and 91st Street, from Central Park to the Hudson River.

And the numbers out of 85255 suggest that it’s not necessarily just anti-Trump Republicans giving to Clinton. Democrat Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema picked up more than $38,000 in the zip code.

A few other interesting facts about 85255.

More than 91 percent of the population is white, according to Nielsen, compared to just 71 percent for the entire state.

Looking at it from another way, nearly 31 percent of Arizona is Hispanic; 85255 barely cracks 4.5 percent.

Residents are more likely to be older, with a median age of 46.8 versus 37.2 for the entire state. And more than one in five is self-employed, double the statewide figure.

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  1. More evidence that great wealth and great wisdom are often arch-enemies.

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