censure, Chaplik, Harris
Jun 1, 2023

More GOP PCs are censuring their lawmakers

A recent trend is growing among Arizona Republican precinct committees of censuring their state elected Republicans after the expulsion of a former Republican lawmaker.

photo radar
May 26, 2023

Hobbs vetoes bill that would have banned photo radar

Gov. Katie Hobbs on May 26 quashed the latest attempt by state lawmakers to snuff out the technology that allows communities to use cameras to catch those who are ignoring posted speed limits or who proceed into intersections even after the light turns red.

water cutbacks, Arizona
May 25, 2023

Arizona gets hit hardest in Colorado River plan

More than half of the 3 million acre-feet in water cuts announced as part of a multi-state conservation deal will come from Arizona, state officials said on May 25.

Rio Verde, Hobbs, Griffin, veto, Scottsdale
May 22, 2023

Hobbs vetoes proposal to resume Scottsdale water services to Rio Verde 

About 750 households in an unincorporated community near Scottsdale will continue a months-long challenge of not having water after Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed a bill to temporarily resolve the issue.  

photo radar, Chaplik, police, traffic laws
May 18, 2023

GOP lawmakers push photo radar ban

A GOP bill that would ban photo radar and red-light cameras from ticketing Arizona drivers passed the House of Representatives and is on its way to the governor’s desk.

Rio Verde, Scottsdale, Griffin, Senate, House, legislation, Kolodin
May 16, 2023

Lawmakers consider two potential Rio Verde water solutions

A potential solution to get water to the Rio Verde Foothills passed through the Legislature on Monday, but even though the residents like it, a different proposal might have a better chance of becoming law.

liquor licenses, Department of Liquor Licenses and Control, Ben Henry, Hobbs, Senate Committee on Director Nominations, Senate, Phoenix Police Department, Kerr, Ducey
Apr 24, 2023

State liquor chief promises there won’t be ‘sting’ operations likes ones during Covid outbreak

The new state liquor chief vowed Monday there will be no "sting" operations at bars and restaurants like what occurred during the Covid outbreak when Doug Ducey was governor.

solar energy, electric vehicles, Rose Law Groupp
Apr 21, 2023

Bright future for EVs, renewable energy in Arizona 

The future looks bright for electric vehicles in Arizona, according to Court Rich, the co-founder, senior partner, and director of the Renewable Energy and Regulatory Law departments for the Rose Law Group in Scottsdale.  

groceries, Hobbs, Kavanagh, Tsosie,
Mar 27, 2023

Hobbs plans to veto legislation to block cities, towns from taxing groceries

Gov. Katie Hobbs is going to veto legislation to block cities and towns from taxing groceries.

apple snails, Game and Fish, invasive snails, Camp Verde
Mar 24, 2023

Game and Fish asks volunteers to help eradicate invasive apple snails

Arizona Game and Fish wants to rid the state of an invasive gastropod pest, and it’s counting on responsible pet owners, outdoor enthusiasts, citizen scientists and volunteers to help.

franchises, The Joint Chiropractic, chiropractors, House, legislation, franchises, franchisees, small businesses
Mar 20, 2023

HB 2404 fundamentally misunderstands franchise business model

HB 2404, currently being considered in the state Legislature, would have far-reaching and harmful ramifications for franchisors, franchisees, workers and the Arizona economy.

Kern, Senate, Ortiz, Kolodin, attorneys, judges
Mar 15, 2023

Kern’s bill would target judges who sanction attorneys

A Glendale state senator who calls reports of a riot on Jan. 6, 2021, "a sham'' is now going after judges who sanction attorneys for filing what he believes are "good faith'' claims on behalf of clients.