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Arizona Association of Community Managers

arizona-association-of-community-managersFew subjects are as controversial, as political and as personal as one’s home, and right in the middle of it all is the Arizona Association of Community Managers. From regulating “for sale” signs to flying flags to curbside parking, the association often has to navigate angry waters in the annual showdown between owners and homeowners associations’ boards. Sen. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, who has waded into the controversy of HOA legislation and is sometimes on the opposite side of HOAs, said the subject is “extremely difficult.” On the one hand, some homeowners complain that HOAs exercise too much power over individuals and their property rights, and on the other hand, homeowners associations argue that the government shouldn’t be interjecting itself into a private contract and regulating every little nook of the neighborhood. Kavanagh said the Arizona Association of Community Managers, some HOAs and their lobbyists try to mediate and resolve issues to negate the need for legislation. “They’re very effective, they’re engaged and they’re knowledgeable,” Kavanagh said.

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