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Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce


Few groups have had as much impact on business development in Arizona as the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. Since its formation in 1888, before Arizona was state, the chamber has been a leading force in shaping the Valley’s economy and, by extension, the state’s economic character, which is unsurprising, given how metro Phoenix dominates Arizona’s economy. Indeed, much as its members had helped determine the location of the state capital in 1889, the chamber today is a steady voice amid profound economic changes the state has been undergoing in the past several decades – from an economy mostly known for its mines, citrus, and tourism to current efforts to position Arizona as a bioscience, health care and technology hub. Glenn Hamer, president of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, praised the Greater Phoenix Chamber’s collaborate work in advancing business interests at the state Capitol, including the areas of education, tax, health care or regulations. Not only that, the Greater Phoenix Chamber plays a major role in strengthening Arizona’s relationship with Mexico. “It’s been a real pleasure and delight to work with Greater Phoenix Chamber President and CEO Todd Sanders over the years,” Hamer said.

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