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Ducey, Babbitt lead the way on water conservation


I applaud Governor Ducey’s and former Governor Babbitt’s public statements of support for Arizona’s adoption of the drought contingency plans (DCP), expressed last week. Arizona’s water future depends on careful conservation, management, and collaboration to ensure that all of our communities are able to plan well into the future. This leadership is a valuable and essential part of how we get to a more sustainable future for the Colorado River basin.

Implementing a DCP in Arizona requires careful coordination from diverse groups and interests from across the state. It’s a credit to all of the groups involved in ongoing discussions that we are advancing toward a finalized agreement. The time is now to address water management and secure the Colorado River Basin’s future. We must enter a new phase of collaboration, innovation and flexibility when it comes to using and managing our water.

2018 has been one of the river’s driest years on record, and combined storage levels in Lake Powell and Lake Mead are at their lowest point in roughly 50 years. To move the ball forward, Arizona leaders must continue working together to finalize how the state will implement a Drought Contingency Plan within Arizona. I am pleased and grateful to see Governor Ducey, and former Governor Babbitt, stepping in to lead the way during the in the coming weeks and months.

— Ted Kowalski is lead and senior program officer for the Walton Family Foundation Colorado River initiative.

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