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D.C. pundit has it wrong, Arizona Republicans ready for 2020


The Washington, D.C., pundit class has focused its sights on one of the fastest growing counties in the nation with the prediction that its voters could thwart the President’s re-election and jeopardize the chances of Republicans holding onto the U.S. Senate. Stuart Rothenberg penned an “analysis” for Roll Call, claiming that the Republicans’ chances in November look grim because of Maricopa County. Let me be unequivocally clear for the D.C. punditocracy: Arizona is Trump country and our Republican activists will keep it that way.

Maricopa County is one of the fastest growing counties because of opportunity. Despite the setback caused by the Coronavirus crisis that is impacting the entire country’s economy, the long-term outlook for both Arizona and Maricopa County is bright. We have a pro-business and pro-job growth environment. We are also considered to have among the strongest pro-life and Second Amendment laws in the nation. Going back to Barry Goldwater, Arizonans are known for passionately supporting individual liberties and limited government. This culture of freedom, combined with the historic accomplishments of President Trump and Republican leadership in our state, makes Arizona attractive to virtually all Americans.

Kelli Ward (Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Kelli Ward (Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

In his piece, Rothenberg attempts to juxtapose data from the 2016 and 2018 electoral cycles to make dire predictions for Republicans in 2020 but neglects to point out on-the-ground realities. In 2016, Donald Trump was still a political newcomer and was mostly known for his luxury hotels, reality TV shows, and candid demeanor. Some Republicans and conservative independents were uncertain of how a President Trump would govern if elected.

Now they know and are convinced. They have seen a president who promotes and delivers on tax cuts; continues to appoint judges who interpret the Constitution instead of trying to rewrite it; firmly supports religious freedom and pro-life policies; cuts red tape that strangles business; and, when facing challenges from China and other foreign threats, always places America first. Most importantly, they see a president who has kept his promises.

This is compared to a Democratic Party that has prioritized endless investigations and an utterly failed attempted impeachment, embraces socialism and government-run healthcare, scolds Americans for their patriotism, divides our nation into the favored “special interest” groups of their intersectional identity politics, and incessantly proposes economy crushing regulations and spending.

With that said, Republicans in Arizona are still expecting a serious challenge. That’s why there are already 60 field staff strategically placed across Arizona working hard at training grassroots volunteers. In the past 10 months, Republicans have held more than 670 MAGA Meet Ups. We have also switched to an online format of campaigning in response to the stay at home order and, since March 13, have successfully organized 325 digital meet ups with Arizonans. In addition, this week, we passed the milestone of 1 million phone calls made to Arizona voters, fueled by the Republican grassroots activists who signed up and attended one of our nearly 1,000 Trump Victory Leadership Initiative trainings that have been held this cycle to date.

In 2020, unlike 2016, the Trump campaign is bolstered by a Republican Party that is united and has an established grassroots infrastructure. The reality on the ground – and this is something the Beltway class fails to understand – is that we are more ready than we have ever been before.

While Arizona Republicans do not take the challenge presented to us in a Maricopa County and across the state lightly, we certainly take Rothenberg’s predictions with a grain of salt. After all, in April of 2009 he forecasted the Republican’s chances of recapturing the U.S. House in 2010 as “zero” and as late as October of 2016, he placed Donald Trump’s chances of a victory as “non-existent,” ridiculously declaring that Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin were never in play. With that sort of track record, perhaps we should be encouraged by his analysis.

Dr. Kelli Ward is a family physician, two-term Arizona state senator, and the chairwoman of the Republican Party or Arizona. On Twitter: @KelliWardAZ


  1. Ward: News Flash! AZ will not vote for McSally or Trumpy Dumpy – Which he barely won by 3 points. The Republican Party is lost, amoral, divides people and it’s policies are all about greed and rich people. I used to be a republican and left the party years ago. You’ve lost your way – and are losing educated and minority women – like me – by the droves. The GOP does nothing for me and means nothing to me – and I could care less about tax breaks for the rich or 2nd Amed rights for gun nuts. AZ is Bright PURPLE as voters showed in 2018 and will be Blue in 2020. You are a Sad, Pathetic Trumpy Psychophant. Go back to wherever you call home in that rural county you hail from – come up more conspiracy lies – like chemtrails that you promoted!
    Thank god you out of the AZ Legislature! It’s actually sick to see an opinion piece from someone like you.

  2. I’m sorry, Ms. Ward’s article is disgustingly political, and should be viewed as a simple political ad. I won’t bother to rebuke each of her Republican talking points. As an admirer of John McCain, I have to note that her omission of his name, in favor of Goldwater’s, is a clear pandering to Trump. But … Ms. Ward is right, political opinions are just opinions. As Democrats hear these opinions, they should not rest, thinking freedom from Republican oppression (see, I can do it too), will come without a fight. Every Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, or Republican who sees Trump-Republicans as dangerous to the future of our Democracy should participate in this election. Vote, make some calls, talk politics… do something !

  3. I was a Democrat most of my life untill I was a Victim of Crime NYC Subway Beco use of the Socialist gun laws of New No police around The DNC has become the party of INFRINGE INFRINE on the 2nd Amendment Biden look at his record in the Senate his recent words what Mark Kelly has said .If you care about your 2nd Amendment right Don’t vote for them a Ex Democrat CRIME VICTIM.

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