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Vets thank Kelly

Dear Editor: 

President Biden’s American Rescue Plan does a lot to help Arizonans. As the president says, the plan will get “shots in arms and money in pockets.” As former members of the armed services, we appreciate the president rolling up his sleeves, putting politics aside, and getting to work to help Arizonans. 

Specifically, we also wanted to acknowledge Sen. Mark Kelly’s work to help vaccinate our veterans with the SAVE LIVES Act. Kelly recently co-sponsored and helped pass the SAVE LIVES Act, which is now expanding vaccine access to veterans through the VA. The law allows veterans, their spouses, and their caregivers to get the shot. Before, only VA-eligible vets could get the Covid vaccine. 

Kelly is a veteran himself. We thank him for standing with Arizona’s veterans and removing the bureaucratic red tape to get help where it is needed. Thanks to his bipartisan work, the bill passed unanimously in the Senate and is now getting more vaccines to veterans. 

On behalf of Arizona’s veterans and military families, thank you Senator Mark Kelly for delivering results. 


Aaron Marquez, US Army, veteran. 

Joanna Sweatt, US Marine Corps, veteran. 

David Lucier, US Army, veteran. 

Ricardo Reyes, US Marine Corps, veteran. 

Kathryn Smith, US Air Force, veteran. 

Bridget Bellavigna, US Navy, veteran. 

Pablo Correa, US Marine Corps, veteran. 

Chad Flannery, US Navy, veteran. 

Signa Oliver, US Army, veteran. 

Amber Cardenas, US Marine Corps, veteran. 

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