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Author Archives: ggrado

Policymakers haven’t gotten the message

There is no left or right energy. It is all just energy. Cheap is better than expensive, in-state is better than out, abundant is better than scarce, and clean is better than dirty.  For Arizonans, solar paired with storage checks all of those boxes. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just making stuff up.  

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Mental health key to successful re-entry

I am optimistic that we can work together with community partners to raise the standard of mental health care and better support inmates when they are discharged. I also believe we can break the cycle of recidivism and stop treating mental illness as a crime.

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2 more new lawmakers seated (access required)

Two new lawmakers have been appointed to the Arizona House, bringing the number of vacancies down to three.  Cochise County supervisors voted unanimously Friday afternoon to appoint Republican Lupe Diaz, a Benson city councilman and the pastor of Grace Chapel ...

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Potentially devastating school budget cuts

Many people may not be aware of an impending education funding crisis that threatens to cripple public schools across Arizona. There is a state process known as the aggregate spending limit, which is part of the state budget. The Arizona Constitution established the aggregate ...

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