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Elections law is simply voter suppression

Dear Editor:  

Without the Permanent Early Voters List, or PEVL, my sons wouldn’t have been able to vote. Two of my three sons have muscular dystrophy and without me in town, they could not get to the polls. PEVL has made it easy for them to exercise their right to vote, read the pamphlets provided since they are slow at reading. My older son has since died and NEVER, NOT ONCE, have I received a ballot for him. Our system is so good in Arizona that all agencies are notified of a death and a ballot is never issued again. Why is it changing now? Where do our Senators Kysten Sinema and Mark Kelly stand? Why have they not spoken out? 

The Republican Legislature in 1992, in an effort to get more votes for themselves, created the Permanent Early Voting List. This was convenient for citizens, especially me since I traveled for work and was rarely in Arizona on Election Day. Also, the PEVL gave me time to research candidates, look at what the consequences of their views would mean for me and my family. In 2014, my son was denied his vote since his address did not match his ID. DENIED HIS VOTE! although he had other ID available, namely his voter registration card and an Arizona ID card with a picture.  

SB1485 is attempting to solve a non-existent issue. What it is designed to do is suppress Arizona votes since our Legislature does not like the outcome of the presidential race as is the audit by an unqualified company wasting taxpayer money. My Republican neighbors were horrified at Trump’s actions, his leanings toward autocracy and authoritarianism. One even predicted he would not accept the outcome if he lost. Several have since changed parties due to being embarrassed to be recognized as possibly agreeing with the new Legislature.  

Seniors, especially those in nursing homes, have the right to vote as ALL citizens have the same right. Posting obstacles in their path is a form of a poll tax. HR 1 FOR THE PEOPLE ACT is the way to a better democracy. Many people only vote the president and Senate slots when further down the ballot are the elections controlling our daily lives. SB1485, which our governor signed as quickly as possible, to avoid voter contact, which he knows is objectionable, is voter suppression pure and simple. Other words are just distractions to this fact. Voters know this and will act. 
Catherine Hopkins 


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  1. This is fairly simple: if more people vote, Democrats will win more often. This is becasue the Republican party has evolved to represent the minority of people: those with most of the money. It’s a system that perpetuates itself. More money means more power to do things like suppress the voting rights of the majority. Ducey is no fool. He knows his constituency. It’s not the majority of people in Arizona.

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