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Open letter from Arizona vets to Ducey

Dear Gov. Ducey,  

You like to position yourself as a supporter of Arizona’s veterans. But your support of state Sen. Wendy Rogers is an insult to the oaths to support and defend the Constitution that Arizona’s 488,000 veterans swore when they joined.  

Rogers has consistently positioned herself as an enemy of the U.S. Constitution and the democratic norms that we served to protect. She deliberately seeks to undermine everything that millions of Americans honorably fought to defend and died for since before the birth of our Republic. She spews anti-democratic and white supremacist rhetoric. Yet, you continue to protect her. You protect her when she openly associates and campaigns with violent white supremacists. Amid her consistent refrain of harmful misinformation and racist rhetoric designed to undermine our democratic system, you protect her. You have stayed silent when she calls for the execution of her political opponents. Despite all this, you donated money to her campaign and continue to support her. To you, she’s better than a Democrat. 

To her, though, you’re just another RINO. You’re the type of political opponent she wants to execute. She’ll do whatever it takes to bring you down if given a chance. Governor, we were proud of you when you honorably chose to acknowledge the will of Arizona’s voters and certify the results of the 2020 election, despite pressure and threats from the far right. Publicly condemn Senator Rogers now if you ever want Arizonans to remember you as a conservative governor who stood up for democratic principles. Call for her resignation today if an ounce of your conscience wants to honor the sacrifices American veterans have made to defend our democracy.  


Arizona’s Veterans Military Veterans  

Vinh Nguyen Sgt., USMC Mesa, AZ 

James A. Hall Capt., USAF Tempe, AZ  

Robert Ryden Sgt., U.S. Army Apache Junction, AZ  

Roman Ulman Pvt., USMC Mesa, AZ  

Bernard Winegrad Sgt., U.S. Army Tucson, AZ  

David Lucier Sgt., U.S. Army Tempe, AZ  

Signa Oliver Capt., U.S. Army Phoenix, AZ  

Joanna Sweatt SSgt., USMC Chandler, AZ  

Hillary LaFever-Ceja SSgt., U.S. Army Tempe, AZ  

Kathryn Smith 1st Lt., USAF Phoenix, AZ  

Alexander Grinenko, Jr. PO2, USN Mesa, AZ  

Mike Dominy Sgt., U.S. Army Sierra Vista, AZ  

Bruce Alvers PO1, USN Gilbert, AZ  

Robert Luin Cox PO2, USN Phoenix, AZ  

Evert Adams Major, USAF Sun City West, AZ  

Bridget Bellavigna PO3, USN Phoenix, AZ  

Dana Allmond Lt. Col, U.S. Army Marana, AZ  

Shirley McKean Sgt., U.S. Army Tempe, AZ  

Donald Thomas Master Sgt., U.S. Army Tempe, AZ  

Frank Thompson Sr. Airman, USAF Tucson, AZ  

Ricardo Reyes Sgt., USMC Phoenix, AZ  

Amy Goodwin PO2, USN Green Valley, AZ  

Dana Heuer Sgt., U.S. Army Florence, AZ  

David Kalandyk PO3, USN Phoenix, AZ  

T.K. Barnhill PFC, USMC Surprise, AZ  

Tom Solnit Cpl., USMC Phoenix, AZ  

William Tucker SPC, U.S. Army Tucson, AZ 

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