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You can make a difference, bring back civility when you vote

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Arizona’s politics is so divisive that families tiptoe around the subject until they barely speak. You can make a difference in restoring civility and choosing good over evil when you vote Nov. 8.

Arizona’s politics is so divisive that families tiptoe around the subject until they barely speak, old friends don’t connect because discussing what is going on in the world is off the table for comment, neighbors are careful not to say the word Republican or Democrat, and new acquaintances are welcome if they have your same political philosophy.

Is it possible in this volatile climate to bring back normal conversations about world events? Yes, there are neutral topics, including sports, music, books, cooking, and playing card games to converse about, but these subjects have very little, if anything, to do with women’s rights, voting rights, the environment, education, healthcare, or waking up tomorrow in a country where democracy is being dismantled by extremists and conspiracy theories.

Sharing opinions should not be off the table for debate. What needs to stop is the fear mongering and blatant lies that have taken precedence over civility and truth. Each party feels its message is solid and the only correct one. Sadly, one political institution is now about power and greed and not reason or family values.

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Joanie Rose

Who has the answer to stop the animosity? One must go back to their upbringing where there were consequences for bad behavior, not respecting others, showing no integrity, or never exhibiting kindness. Having a moral compass also meant something in the past. Hate groups were demonized, not applauded, and leaders looked out for the country, not themselves.

November 8 will be very telling, and you do have a choice, at least one more time, to put good before evil. There are millions of folks with very blind eyes that need to be opened to reality. ‘‘Look before you leap” or better yet, think of the ramifications of your vote!

Joanie Rose


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