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On immigration, listen to civil rights icons

As an immigrant who happily came to the United States, "waiting in the immigration line" to become a citizen, I was disheartened to see President Biden propose a "comprehensive" immigration reform offering amnesty to over 10 million people here illegally.

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Americans must demand reasonable immigration reform

We have a choice to make. We can go down the road of throwing support to those who want to send 11 million people home, or we could embrace the situation we helped create and find innovative, constructive solutions that will address the serious problems of illegal immigration and today’s skills gap in our work force. Reasonable reform will benefit us all. It is time to show the political will to turn in that direction.

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Some in GOP fear schism over Obama, immigration

With President Barack Obama vowing to press ahead on immigration, prominent Hispanic Republicans are worried about the reaction of staunch conservatives. They fear it will harm the party's ability to win over Latinos in the next presidential election and beyond.

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