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‘Dreamers’ deserve a chance to remain in the U.S.

Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Phoenix

On Aug. 15, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services began accepting requests for consideration of deferred deportation action for some people who came to the United States as children.

This process is a significant step in making the country’s immigration policy more efficient. It is important that the young adults who qualify for this process participate. It is a good opportunity for these young adults, who have come to be known as “Dreamers,” and for our country.

Having talented young people removed from the United States because of the actions of their parents does not make sense. The people who qualify for this process must meet guidelines designed to ensure that they are contributing to our communities. They must have come to this country when they were under the age of 16; they must have resided in the U.S. continuously for at least five years; they must be in school, have graduated from high school, earned a general education development certificate or have been honorably discharged from the Coast Guard or Armed Forces. Additionally, applicants must show that they have not been convicted of a crime, pose a threat to national security or public safety and they must not be older than 30 when they apply.

This is not a path to citizenship. This will not change the legal residence status of the people who apply. It is not amnesty or immunity. Most importantly, this is not a permanent fix. Only the U.S. Congress can provide that. This is about priorities. Until Congress fixes our broken immigration system, we must focus our resources in the right places.

That is why the decision from the Obama administration and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to pursue this process change is one that shows real leadership. During these economic times, we must prioritize the limited resources available to immigration enforcement agencies. This allows immigration officers to focus their work on high-priority individuals, instead of on young people who are earning their education or serving our country in the military.

As with any change, there is a risk that people will not get the right information. Fortunately, the Obama administration, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have done an outstanding job of ensuring that people are informed about the process change.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the deferred action for childhood arrivals, or anyone seeking to learn how to apply for consideration should go to www.uscis.gov/childhoodarrivals or call the USCIS National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

— Ruben Gallego, Democrat, represents Legislative District 16 in south Phoenix.








  1. I am glad that Gov. Brewer has said that these “dreamers”, will not be able
    to obtain social services in addition to their “mini-amnesty”.
    The state of AZ has balanced it’s budget, and to add on almost 100,00
    “dreamers” to social services would be insane!

  2. Let’s see here…. unemployment is through the roof, the economy is in the tank, citizens are having a rough time feeding their families, and this loathsome tin pot dictator in the White House illegally and unconstitutionally amnesties a couple million deportable illegal alien parasites by edict….AND orders work permits for them so they can compete for scarce jobs? W-T-F! Comrade ObaMao ought to be in impeachment proceedings at this very moment and getting to work preparing for an extremely long prison sentence…. at Gitmo. His treason is the biggest act of domestic terrorism ever perpetrated against the American people. Illegals don’t deserve anything but deportation, plain and simple.

  3. I think it’s time, too, to ask ourselves the question, “Why is it easier to come here illegally than it is to come here legally?”

    Perhaps it’s time to admit that the legal system is really bad for everyone (employers and employees alike).

    Secondly, lumping jobs seekers with professional drug smugglers is nuts!

    Time to start making some basic distinctions here and quit listening to a bunch of xenophobic rednecks.

    Leadership…moral and political…is what we need and want.

  4. Leadership is what we want Mr. Lucier-not “if I give you amnesty will you vote
    for me”?
    The folks coming across our border now, sorry to say, are the cartels and the gangs.
    Very few “mom and pop”, types are coming across the border now.
    Years ago it was the mom and pops looking for work.
    Do you know how many cartels and gangs are embedded in our society?
    Is it not politically correct to state such?

  5. Nothing—nothing will ever CHANGE in Congress, if Americans just keep voting in the same old incumbents of the Democratic or Republican parties. Change will only come through the intervention of the TEA PARTY that is gaining momentum through the GOP. Everything will remain ‘Quid Pro Quo’ (you scratch my back, and then I will scratch yours?) Entrenched politicians are happy to keep collecting taxpayer’s money and go on trillion dollar spending spree. It’s no wonder China and other unfriendly countries own our grand children’s futures? DREAMER’S ARE HERE TO STAY, BUT THEY COMPROMISE THEIR PARENTS STATUS? THEY ARE NOT PROTECTED. 14 million of the population is jobless, given-up or just in temporary employment and Obama passes a backdoor amnesty. Everything from another illegal alien amnesty, more Sanctuary cities, the passage of E-Verify; stricter birthright citizenship; energy, bloated government, taxes, state insolvency, new infrastructure, voter fraud, and many other issues will be ignored or remain frozen. Want new policies enacted that have been sitting around for ages, according to the U.S. constitution and the ‘People’s rights of liberty, then vote stricter TEA PARTY LEADERS INTO WASHINGTON. Investigate more at tea party dot org, immigration at numbersusa, corruption at judicialwatch dot org.

  6. Fourteen million CITIZENS jobless.


    judicialwatch dot.org

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