Democrats, Republicans, Capitol Hill
Sep 14, 2023

Glass half-full or half-empty? In partisan Washington, it’s usually both

Will the flow of migrants into the U.S. “grow our workforce, our productivity, and our economy” or is it “unchecked, unfettered, illegal immigration” that depresses wages and takes jobs? In Washington, it can be both.

migrants, desert, Border Patrol, extreme heat
Sep 1, 2023

Smugglers steering migrants into remote desert, posing new Border Patrol challenges

Border Patrol agents ordered the young Senegalese men to wait in the scant shade of desert scrub brush while they loaded a more vulnerable group of migrants — a family with three young children from India — into a white van for the short trip in triple-degree heat to a canopied field intake center.

border town, immigration, Mexico, migrants
Aug 24, 2023

Mexican border city struggles to find space for migrants even with new shelter

At a massive encampment near an international bridge along the U.S.-Mexico border, migrants from Honduras, Haiti, Venezuela and elsewhere have turned scraps of plastic, poster board and rope into makeshift homes.

border, asylum, U.S.-Mexico border, Biden administration
Jul 25, 2023

Judge blocks limits on asylum at US-Mexico border but gives Biden administration time to appeal

A federal judge on Tuesday blocked a rule that allows immigration authorities to deny asylum to migrants who arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border without first applying online or seeking protection in a country they passed through. But the judge delayed his ruling from taking effect immediately to give President Joe Biden's administration time to appeal.

New American Leaders, Anna Hernandez, Ghida Dagher, immigrants, political process, training
Jul 21, 2023

New American Leaders fuels confidence in political hopefuls

Sen. Anna Hernandez, D-Phoenix, gained the knowledge and confidence she needed to take the leap for state Senate last year after she participated in programs that the national, nonpartisan organization New American Leaders holds to help immigrants and their allies join the political process.  

border crossings, migrants, Title 42, Southwest border, Customs and Border Protection
Jul 21, 2023

Border encounters fell sharply in June, to lowest level in two years

The number of migrant encounters at the Southwest border plummeted in June, falling to the lowest level in more than two years, according to new data from Customs and Border Protection.

migrants, Biden administration, Title 42 U.S.-Mexico border
Jul 19, 2023

Biden administration tells judge its new asylum rule is not reboot of Trump’s efforts

The Biden administration argued Wednesday that its new asylum rule is different from versions put forward under President Donald Trump in a court hearing before a judge who threw out Trump's attempts to limit asylum on the U.S.-Mexico border.

United States, immigration, violence, asylum, migrants, Guatemala, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Panama
Jul 17, 2023

Hundreds of migrants in southern Mexico form group to head toward US

Nearly a thousand migrants that recently crossed from Guatemala into Mexico formed a group Saturday to head north together in hopes of reaching the border with the United States.

border, Florida, Arizona, migrants, Ron DeSantis
Jun 8, 2023

DeSantis defends flying migrants to California as he meets with sheriffs near border

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday defended his state's decision to fly migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border to California, arguing that the state had essentially invited the migrants with its welcoming policies toward immigrants.

Biden, immigration, U.S.-Mexico border, migrants
May 23, 2023

Biden leaning into global diplomacy to manage migration at US-Mexico border

On President Joe Biden 's first day in office, he handed Congress a legislative plan to modernize the nation's immigration system.

Border Patrol, lawsuit, deaths, detention, border, Title 42, Biden administration, mothers
May 22, 2023

Death of 8-year-old girl in Border Patrol custody highlights challenges providing medical care

The recent deaths of an 8-year-old Panamanian girl and 17-year-old boy from Honduras who were under U.S. government supervision have again raised questions about how prepared authorities are to handle medical emergencies suffered by migrants arriving in the U.S., especially as agencies struggle with massive overcrowding at facilities along the southern border.

border, app, San Diego, Mexico, CBPOne, Title 42, migrants
May 15, 2023

Border crossings off from last week’s highs as US pins hopes for order on mobile app

Pandemic-era limits on asylum known as Title 42 have been rarely discussed among many of tens of thousands of migrants massed on Mexico's border with the United States. Their eyes were — and are — fixed instead on a new U.S. government mobile app that grants 1,000 people daily an appointment to cross the border and seek asylum while living in the U.S.