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Aug 26, 2023

Q&A with Senate President Warren Petersen 

Senate President Warren Petersen, R-Gilbert, reflected on the 2023 legislative session.

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Aug 25, 2023

Lawmakers pool resources to craft budget projects 

Legislative Republicans and Democrats pooled their resources this session to craft major expenses in the state budget, including a $300 million boost to K-12 education and a $260 million tax rebate to Arizona families, plus many smaller projects also were negotiated into the budget.  

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Aug 2, 2023

Lawmakers move successful tax extension over far-right opposition

Established Republicans and Democrats worked together to pass a controversial tax extension on Monday, raising questions about whether the far-right Freedom Caucus will be as effective next session after the caucus failed to kill the deal.

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Jul 25, 2023

Hobbs cites new cost estimates for vouchers in attempt to convince lawmakers to scale back program

Gov. Katie Hobbs is citing new cost estimates for universal vouchers in her latest bid to convince lawmakers to scale back the new program.

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Jul 6, 2023

Legislature should take a lesson from its accomplishments in budget and refocus on commonsense bi-partisan legislation

As Gov. Katie Hobbs seeks to enact the measured solutions our state needs, I know she remains vigilant against efforts which harm Arizona’s reputation with the business community. I encourage the legislature to take a lesson from its accomplishments in the budget and refocus on commonsense bi-partisan legislation.

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Jun 20, 2023

House, Senate diverge on per diem issue

Following Arizona Capitol Times coverage on the amount lawmakers collect in per diem, the Senate reminded members they can opt out of payments for the rest of this session, but the House instituted a new policy that members who opt out can never get per diem again. 

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Jun 2, 2023

Some lesser-known budget items you’ll love 

As House and Senate minority leaders, Andrés Cano and I convened our caucuses to develop our shared priorities for the budget, with perspectives from across the state. Housing and schools have topped our list consistently this year.

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Jun 2, 2023

Hobbs picked abortion support over vulnerable women

In January, Gov. Katie Hobbs threatened to line-item veto programs to support homeless pregnant women – and she got her wish last month, signing a $17.8 billion budget that had no room for programs that have served the most vulnerable Arizonans for years. 

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Jun 1, 2023

ESA vouchers projected to cost $900M next year

The Empowerment Scholarship Account program is on track to cost the state $900 million by the end of the next fiscal year, according to the most recent estimate by the Arizona Department of Education.

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Jun 1, 2023

More GOP PCs are censuring their lawmakers

A recent trend is growing among Arizona Republican precinct committees of censuring their state elected Republicans after the expulsion of a former Republican lawmaker.

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May 31, 2023

Consultant and former lawmaker Chad Campbell tapped as new chief of staff

Consultant and former Democratic lawmaker Chad Campbell will be Gov. Katie Hobbs' new chief of staff, the governor announced this morning.

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May 20, 2023

Petersen praises Hobbs for budget negotiations

Republican Senate President Warren Petersen is heaping praise on Hobbs for the deal, saying she negotiated in good faith, kept her promises and made a rare bipartisan budget happen.