Biggs, Crane, government shutdown, Congress, budget
Sep 25, 2023

Biggs, Crane join conservatives who block Defense bill, as shutdown looms

Two Arizona lawmakers were among five GOP House members who broke ranks recently and voted to block the Defense authorization bill, the latest twist in a budget fight that could cause a government shutdown on Oct. 1.

migrants, Venezuela, immigration, border
Sep 25, 2023

With temporary status for Venezuelans, Biden administration turns to familiar tool

From a White House podium in May, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas outlined new legal pathways to the United States for Venezuelans and others, along with a "very clear" message for those who come illegally.

China, trade, Schweikert
Sep 22, 2023

Schweikert can help America fix its failed China policy

It’s time to correct the mistakes made two decades ago—and begin the process of decoupling America’s economy from China. U.S. Rep. Schweikert can take a stand for his constituents and help to make this happen.

national monument, Grand Canyon, Biden, Petersen, Toma, lawsuit
Sep 21, 2023

GOP leaders prepare to sue Biden over monument law 

Republican lawmakers are following in Donald Trump’s footsteps, questioning the constitutionality of an old law President Joe Biden is using to expand national monument protections.   

migrants, border crossings, Border Patrol, Venezuela, Texas, California, Mexico, Biden administration
Sep 21, 2023

After lull, asylum-seekers adapt to US immigration changes, overwhelm agents

A group of migrants from China surrendered to a Border Patrol agent in remote Southern California as gusts of wind drowned the hum of high-voltage power lines, joining others from Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia and elsewhere in a desert campsite with shelters made from tree branches. Their arrival Wednesday was another sign that agents have become overwhelmed in recent days by asylum-seekers on parts o[...]

Prop 211, campaign spending, Goddard, Symington, Tedesco, Voters' Right to Know Act, campaign spending
Sep 19, 2023

Arizonans might get chance to ditch historic system of electing public officials

Arizonans may get the chance to scrap the historic system by which nominees for public office are chosen, a move that, if successful, could reshape the state Legislature and congressional delegation.

election workers, threats, Arizona, Iowa
Sep 14, 2023

Judge blocks state from enforcing law regulating who can vote for president

A federal judge on Thursday blocked Arizona from enforcing a 2022 state law regulating who can vote for president.

Wall Street, financial industry, Arizona, Schweikert, Lehman Brothers crash
Sep 12, 2023

15 years later: reflecting on the Lehman Brothers crash of 2008

As we move forward, it's imperative for leaders in Congress to remain committed to crafting responsible legislation. Such legislation should not stifle the financial sector but should ensure it operates with responsibility and integrity.

extreme heat, workers, Arizona, California, Nevada, Hobbs
Aug 28, 2023

Workers exposed to extreme heat have no consistent protection in the US

A historic heat wave that began blasting the Southwest and other parts of the country this summer is shining a spotlight on one of the harshest, yet least-addressed effects of U.S. climate change: the rising deaths and injuries of people who work in extreme heat, whether inside warehouses and kitchens or outside under the blazing sun. Many of them are migrants in low-wage jobs.

self-storage, Schweikert, IRS, insurance
Aug 25, 2023

IRS considering regulations that would harm self-storage industry

The IRS is currently considering harmful new regulations on microcaptive insurance – an insurance product many small businesses like mine rely on to get through uncertain times.

Afghanistan, Arizona State University, Kabul
Aug 10, 2023

We must grant certainty to our Afghan neighbors 

As we approach the second anniversary of the Taliban takeover of Kabul and the 2021 U.S. military evacuation, let us take a moment to reflect on Arizona's remarkable response to this humanitarian crisis. After the chaotic situation in Afghanistan, Arizona stood as a shining example of compassion and solidarity, resettling over 2,000 Afghans within its borders.  

Cancer Support Communities of Arizona, Bag it Cancer, Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona
Aug 8, 2023

Coming together to fight cancer

We all know that cancer doesn’t come with a map. That is why patient groups like ours are here, to help manage and guide Arizonans going through difficult times in their lives.