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May 19, 2022

Inflation looms as major issue in general election

Inflation is already taking a toll on local residents' wallets and it’s shaping up to be an important theme in general elections this fall. 

Oct 8, 2018

Report: Dip in gaming revenues offset by other gains at Arizona casinos

Gambling revenues dipped slightly at Arizona’s tribal casinos in 2016, but those losses were more than offset by a strong jump in non-gaming revenues that helped boost total income to $2.23 billion for the year, a new report says.

In this April 11 2018 file photo, teachers at Tuscano Elementary School stage a "walk-in" for higher pay and school funding in Phoenix. Arizona teachers began to vote Tuesday, April 17 on whether to walk off the job in their push for more funding for education. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File)
Apr 18, 2018

AG opinion: Teacher strikes ‘forbidden’

Empowered by successful walkouts in other states, Arizona teachers began three days of voting Tuesday on whether to follow suit here.

May 7, 2017

Jan Brewer: Corporate tax cuts she signed were a little ‘too aggressive’

What’s not mentioned is that the state might have had more money to spend had there not been a series of corporate tax cuts approved by lawmakers half a decade ago which are still kicking in. For just this coming budget year, those changes will reduce state revenues by another $107.2 million.

Jun 2, 2014

Income tax cuts emerge as key issue in AZ GOP gubernatorial race

Depending on who wins the Republican primary in the hotly contested governor’s race, Arizona may see some major cuts, even the outright elimination, in income taxes.

May 12, 2014

Arizona would benefit by staying off Comedy Central, experts say

What’s the best way to boost the Arizona economy? Stop getting mentioned on “The Daily Show.” At least that’s the consensus of three economists from Arizona State University.

Sep 19, 2013

Phoenix to begin phasing out ‘emergency’ sales tax on food

The nation’s sixth-largest city is ready to begin phasing out an “emergency” sales tax on food that was added in 2010 to address a massive budget deficit.

Jul 11, 2013

Report: AZ gets close to half of revenue from feds, near top in nation

Almost half of Arizona’s general revenues came from federal funds in fiscal 2011, the third-highest share in the nation, according to a recent report from the Tax Foundation.

May 24, 2013

TPT plan gets Arizona closer, but not close enough for online sales tax

Even if Gov. Jan Brewer’s sales tax reform bill passes this year, Arizona will still have some work to do before it can reap the benefits of proposed federal legislation allowing states to collect sales taxes for online purchases.

May 16, 2013

Experts: Arizona jobs, home prices slowly rebounding

Job growth and home prices are slowly rebounding, but the state has a long way to go and automatic federal budget cuts aren't helping, some of Arizona's top business experts said Thursday.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer delivers her 2013 State of the State address. (Photo by Ryan Cook/RJ Cook Photography)
Mar 6, 2013

Report: Brewer plan could cut growing communities’ sales taxes

Gov. Jan Brewer’s plan to simplify Arizona’s sales tax system could undercut revenues for growing communities through changes in how construction materials are taxed, according to a report by the nonprofit Grand Canyon Institute.

Feb 12, 2010

State burned through stimulus money

The feds gave Arizona a $2.8 billion crutch to help the state limp through three difficult budget years. But after two years, nearly all of the stimulus money has been spent and the state remains crippled by the recession.