Border Patrol, deaths, detention, border, Title 42
May 22, 2023

Death of 8-year-old girl in Border Patrol custody highlights challenges providing medical care

The recent deaths of an 8-year-old Panamanian girl and 17-year-old boy from Honduras who were under U.S. government supervision have again raised questions about how prepared authorities are to handle medical emergencies suffered by migrants arriving in the U.S., especially as agencies struggle with massive overcrowding at facilities along the southern border.

Lake, Hobbs, Fontes, Maricopa County, election contest
May 12, 2023

Attorney for Lake claims he has ‘bombshell’ evidence tabulators were contaminated

An attorney for failed gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake told a judge Friday he has new "bombshell'' evidence that on-site ballot tabulators either were intentionally tinkered with or infected with malware, requiring the results of the election be thrown out.

Cochise County, elections, David Stevens, Bob Bartelsmeyer
Apr 26, 2023

Newly hired Cochise County elections director draws criticism for social media posts

The Cochise County Board of Supervisors’ vote to hire Bob Bartelsmeyer, former La Paz County elections director, to take over the election operations, drew criticism as some cited his social media posts dabbling in election denial sentiments.

Uber, trial, autonomous vehicle, negligent homicide
Apr 25, 2023

Driver in fatal Uber autonomous crash set for June trial

An Arizona Uber driver involved in the first death connected to a fully autonomous vehicle will be tried in June on a negligent homicide charge.

affordable housing, multifamily homes, tents, downtown, homeless, zoning
Apr 21, 2023

Arizona housing affordability reform is about to have its moment

Sometimes a political logjam that hasn’t budged for years suddenly bursts open. Change that seemed impossible suddenly seems inevitable. On the issue of housing costs, that time is upon us.

crime victims, families, law, Victims Bill of Rights, Steven Logan, judge, Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice
Apr 21, 2023

Arizona Legislature shows public safety is bipartisan

Last week legislators in Arizona demonstrated that bipartisan leadership on criminal justice can produce strong, outcomes-oriented policies that make everyone safer.

diversity, equity, inclusion, Arizona,
Apr 18, 2023

GOP states targeting diversity, equity efforts in higher ed

Republican lawmakers in at least a dozen states have proposed more than 30 bills this year targeting diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in higher education, an Associated Press analysis found using the bill-tracking software Plural.

school choice, Hobbs, Ducey, Empowerment Scholarship Program, K-12, students
Apr 14, 2023

Arizona can still be the leader in school choice

Now is the time for Arizona, my home state, to continue its role as the leader in the movement to provide increased educational opportunities for its students.

American Express, tree planting, Legislature, Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix
Apr 10, 2023

Cities, businesses, activists launch tree-planting measures, legislature slow to act

Arizona cities, environmental advocates and businesses are teaming up to combat extreme heat by launching a variety of tree-planting initiatives, while the state Legislature has been slow to act on this issue.

critical race theory, public schools, Horne, Save Our Schools, academics, CRT, Empower Hotline
Mar 24, 2023

Educators say ‘critical race theory’ is dog whistle 

Educators are frustrated over the debate about “critical race theory” in conversations around public education in Arizona. 

Lake, Trump, president, election
Mar 16, 2023

Trump’s VP? Lake, others in GOP jockeying for consideration

While the first Republican presidential primaries are nearly a year away, a shadow contest of another sort is underway with several Republicans, including one in Arizona, openly jockeying to position themselves as potential running mates to Donald Trump, the early front-runner for the nomination.

border, Biden, Trump, Mexico
Mar 9, 2023

Judge orders halt to fast releases at US border with Mexico

A federal judge Wednesday ordered the Biden administration to end the expedited releases of migrants who enter the United States illegally from Mexico, potentially straining already stretched holding facilities.