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Sep 11, 2023

Republicans are protecting the Arizona we love

When you think of Arizona, you can’t help but think of freedom. Freedom to keep the money you earn. Freedom to send your kids to the school you want. Freedom to start a business without layers of red tape. And freedom to work – our licensing reform has become a national model.

jobs, unemployment, Census Bureau, workers, Arizona
Sep 5, 2023

Jobless rate is down, wages up, but not all is worth celebrating

Arizona’s unemployment is at the lowest rate in decades, there are more jobs than workers available to fill them and salaries are inching up, all of which should be good indicators for workers. Experts say – it depends.

Senate, Epstein, minority leader, legislature
Aug 27, 2023

Q&A with Senate Minority Leader Mitzi Epstein 

Senate Minority Leader Mitzi Epstein shared her opinions on the highlights and challenges of the 2023 legislative session.

seniors, food banks
Aug 10, 2023

Valley food banks reimagine pantries to help seniors hit hard by inflation

Two Valley food banks are reimagining their pantries to help seniors hit hard by inflation, expanding beyond traditional food boxes to offer market days, healthy meals served in group settings, breakfast and takeout options. Their leaders know nutritious meals support overall health and wellness.

rental tax, Hobbs, legislation
Aug 1, 2023

Hobbs signs legislation to eliminate right of cities, towns to set local rental tax

Arizona renters are going to get some small relief in their bills. But not just yet.

pet adoptions, Arizona Humane Society, Maricopa County Animal Care & Control
Jul 17, 2023

Inflation hits Valley animal shelters; adoptions decline amidst soaring costs

With inflation causing higher prices for everything from lodging to groceries, animal shelters in Maricopa County are feeling a trickle-down effect: They’re reporting fewer adoptions and more animal surrenders.

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Jun 20, 2023

Eviction filings are 50% higher than they were pre-pandemic in some cities as rents rise

After a lull during the pandemic, eviction filings by landlords have come roaring back, driven by rising rents and a long-running shortage of affordable housing.

financial literacy, Junior Achievement of Arizona
May 5, 2023

Financial literacy is pathway to financial capability

The Milken Institute found 57% of adults in the U.S. are financially illiterate, and Generation Z scores worse than other generations on financial literacy tests. That is why Junior Achievement of Arizona starts early and provides programming often, engaging students over multiple grades to teach career and work readiness.

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Apr 28, 2023

City and state leaders can tackle affordable housing crisis together

In recent years, I’ve been quoted as saying, homelessness is not AN issue, it is THE issue. I encourage our legislators to partner with local community leaders to turn this around before it’s too late. 

affordable housing, Goldwater Institute, zoning
Apr 10, 2023

To solve AZ’s affordable housing crisis, start by getting government out of way

Arizona is facing a housing affordability crisis—and the blame lies largely on the shoulders of local elected officials.

groceries, Hobbs, Kavanagh, Tsosie,
Feb 28, 2023

Hobbs mum on whether she will approve GOP bill to axe cities’ ability to tax groceries

Gov. Katie Hobbs refused to say Tuesday whether she will approve Republican legislation to eliminate the ability of cities to tax groceries and save affected Arizonans more than $161 million a year.

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Feb 21, 2023

Border, Bidens, Covid: House GOP casts wide net in probes

The security at the U.S. border with Mexico. The origins of Covid. The treatment of parents who protest "woke" school board policies. These are among the far-reaching and politically charged investigations House Republicans are launching, along with probes of President Joe Biden and his family, an ambitious oversight agenda that taps into the concerns of hard-right conservatives but risks alienati[...]