China, trade, Schweikert
Sep 22, 2023

Schweikert can help America fix its failed China policy

It’s time to correct the mistakes made two decades ago—and begin the process of decoupling America’s economy from China. U.S. Rep. Schweikert can take a stand for his constituents and help to make this happen.

Junior Achievement of Arizona, K-12 students, small businesses
Sep 5, 2023

Paving way for successful entrepreneurs starts early, happens often

The workforce is changing, and the way young people view the workforce is changing, too. One of the surprising outcomes of the pandemic’s impact on the economy continues to be the surge in entrepreneurial activity, as more Americans leave their jobs and careers and strike out on their own.

jobs, unemployment, Census Bureau, workers, Arizona
Sep 5, 2023

Jobless rate is down, wages up, but not all is worth celebrating

Arizona’s unemployment is at the lowest rate in decades, there are more jobs than workers available to fill them and salaries are inching up, all of which should be good indicators for workers. Experts say – it depends.

workforce, jobs, employers, employees,Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation, innovation, collaboration
Aug 29, 2023

Collaboration, innovation and dedication keys to keeping Arizona’s workforce strong 

The changing dynamics of Arizona’s workforce made headlines earlier this summer after the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation’s 2023 State of the Workforce Report showed continued advancement and diversification of Arizona’s job market. At a time when concerns over a possible recession are looming, and major retailers across the country are issuing rounds of layoffs, the report offered an enc[...]

Cactus League, jobs, economy, hotels, restaurants, bars,
Aug 25, 2023

Cactus League president says Arizona communities need to invest in stadiums used by major league teams

The president of the Cactus League said Friday that Arizona communities need to continue to invest in the stadiums used by the major league teams that practice and play there.

Aug 17, 2023

Unemployment up, hiring, job openings down

It looks like efforts by the Federal Reserve Board to cool the economy are working – at least here in Arizona.

clean energy jobs, Biden, Arizona, Stanton, Biggs
Jul 31, 2023

Report: State added 13,000 clean-energy jobs in past year, 7th best in U.S.

Arizona added almost 13,000 clean-energy jobs in the past year, good enough for seventh-most among states and evidence that the state is becoming a “powerhouse” for clean energy and electric vehicle production, a new report says.

tourism, Arizona, Arizona Office of Tourism, Covid,
Jul 24, 2023

Post-pandemic, tourism in Arizona is starting to bounce back

With most people now seeing Covid in the rear-view mirror, tourism in Arizona is starting to come back.

flights, aircraft, charities, Air Care Alliance, Flights for Life, Congress, FAA
Jul 11, 2023

The human impact of general aviation

As Congress considers FAA reauthorization and funding of our aviation system in the coming months, I urge our leaders to consider the benefits of charitable aviation to so many in need.

workforce, jobs, rural areas, Hobbs
Jun 29, 2023

Arizona to create ‘workforce accelerators’ to train residents in rural areas for jobs

Arizona is going to create a network of sites designed to train residents in rural areas for the jobs that local employers need.

Superior, Resolution Copper, mining, Native Americans, jobs,
Jun 29, 2023

Historic mining town backs copper project on land Native American groups say is sacred

Competing interests have ignited a tug of war between Superior, a town of about 3,000 people who want a huge copper mine built there for its economic benefits, and Native American groups that consider the land sacred and are fighting to protect it from disturbance.

Oak Flat, Chiricahua Apache, Resolution Copper
Jun 28, 2023

Oak Flat is sacred land to some Native Americans, but endangered by mine plan

The 6.7-square-mile (17.3 square-kilometer) Oak Flat is a verdant oasis in an arid landscape dotted with towering saguaro cacti, majestic rock spires and sweeping canyons. It is also here that Resolution Copper Mining, a joint subsidiary of British and Australian mining giants, Rio Tinto and BHP, wants to remove layers of rock to extract copper from deep underground.