Lisa Atkins

Sep 7, 2020

State offers bargain basement deal for land – but most can’t bid

More than four square miles of state land in Apache Junction is being auctioned off this coming month for what might seem like bargain-basement prices.

Oct 29, 2018

Water board election a dry topic for most voters

There’s no quicker way to put an audience to sleep than to delve into the intricacies of water policy but voters are increasingly waking up to the issue.

Lingering drought and demand from growing cities have lowered water levels on Lake Mead behind Hoover Dam. The U.S. Interior Department could declare a shortage on the Colorado River as early as 2017. (U.S. Geological Survey Photo)
Jun 9, 2016

Collaborating to protect Lake Mead

We avoided shortage in 2016 due to our collective efforts to conserve water in Lake Mead and a fortuitous boost from Mother Nature’s precipitation--the so-called “Miracle May." However, the drought continues.

Sep 15, 2015

CAP, partners and a wet spring stave off river shortage

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation recently released a report confirming that the U.S. Secretary of the Interior will not declare an anticipated shortage of water on the Colorado River in January, 2016.

Oct 23, 2014

AZ voters to decide whether lawmakers get first raise since 1998

In November, voters will decide whether to increase lawmakers’ salaries to $35,000 a year from $24,000, based on a recommendation from the Commission on Salaries for Elective State Officers. It would be the first raise for state lawmakers since voters approved one in 1998.

Nov 1, 2010

Taking a long-range view of Arizona’s needs

Arizonans of all stripes who love their state have gotten together twice a year for almost a half-century to address the issues facing the state and recommend public policy solutions.