Ukraine, Bliss, Nguyen, firearms, letter
Sep 27, 2023

Phoenix repeals Ukraine gun transfer ordinance after shipping firearms 

The Phoenix City Council recently repealed an ordinance that the state’s attorney general determined as unlawful after complaints from Republican lawmakers prompted an investigation. 

Ortega, Scottsdale, city council, Gress, homelessness
Sep 22, 2023

Tested, successful Scottsdale model ignored by Gress

With much fanfare, on Sept. 13, state Rep. Matt Gress, R-Phoenix, choreographed a committee hearing at the Scottsdale Civic Library, which Gress characterized as an “Ongoing Fight Against Scottsdale’s Taxpayer Funded Homeless Hotel Plan.”

Mayes, Horne, ELL, Ukraine, guns
Sep 20, 2023

AG: Phoenix donation of firearms unlawful, but …

The state’s Attorney General Kris Mayes issued a report Sept. 20 finding a recent Phoenix ordinance authorizing the donation of unclaimed firearms to Ukraine is unlawful, despite “commendable” intent from the city.

Senate, Arizona State University, free speech
Sep 15, 2023

ASU probe finds controversial speaking engagement revealed ‘no evidence’ of censorship

Arizona State University’s internal investigation into a controversial speaking engagement revealed “no evidence” of censorship by ASU faculty or administrators and found allegations by former director of the since shuttered host, the T.W. Lewis Center, were not “supported by the facts.”  

Ukraine, Phoenix City Council, Bliss, Nguyen
Aug 21, 2023

Republican legislators file complaint requesting AG investigate Phoenix’s firearm transfer to Ukraine  

Two Republican lawmakers are asking the attorney general to investigate a recent ordinance passed by the City of Phoenix that authorizes the city to donate unclaimed firearms to Ukraine. 

OHVs, off highway vehicles, Bliss, Nguyen, Bennett, Kerr
Jul 18, 2023

Legislature to consider off-highway vehicle issues and regulation

The state Legislature is turning its attention to what many ranchers and law enforcement officials say is a growing problem in the state – the use of off-road vehicles destroying private and public land.

Ukraine, Bliss, Nguyen, firearms, letter
Jul 6, 2023

Phoenix gun deal with Ukraine draws opposition 

Two state lawmakers are arguing a recent ordinance passed by the city of Phoenix to give unclaimed firearms to Ukraine is unlawful.  

Prescott Frontier Days, rodeo, lawsuit
Jun 27, 2023

Treasurer’s office won’t release funds to Prescott Frontier Days until lawsuit resolved

The State Treasurer’s Office has agreed not to release any of the $15.3 million budget appropriation to the Prescott Frontier Days, the nonprofit running the “World’s Oldest Rodeo,” until the resolution of a lawsuit brought by two Prescott residents and the Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest today.

censure, Chaplik, Harris
Jun 1, 2023

More GOP PCs are censuring their lawmakers

A recent trend is growing among Arizona Republican precinct committees of censuring their state elected Republicans after the expulsion of a former Republican lawmaker.

legislation, child sex dollars, Senate, House, Nguyen, Bliss
May 5, 2023

Senators consider legislation that would make possessing ‘child sex doll’ a felony

State senators are weighing legislation designed to ensure that a picture of your child does not end up on a sex doll bought by a neighbor.

DPS, budget, Republican leaders, Arizona Department of Public Safety
May 4, 2023

GOP bills linked to budget talks with Hobbs

With the Legislature heading into its final weeks, Republican leadership has several bills to consider in budget negotiations with Gov. Katie Hobbs that will likely not advance through the Legislature on their own.

ERA, Equal Rights Amendment, Martinez, Senate, House, Biasiucci, Contreras, Nguyen, Toma, House
Mar 22, 2023

GOP lawmakers block vote on whether state should ratify ERA

Republican lawmakers have once again blocked a vote on whether Arizona should ratify the federal Equal Rights Amendment.