Made in China manufacturing American made
Feb 4, 2022

Companies sponsoring Olympics enable China’s atrocities

As China prepares to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, Beijing recently made a stunning announcement. Any athlete speaking out “against Chinese laws and regulations” will be subject to “punishment.” Beijing claims it’s an “innocent party,” but the threat to athletes is just the latest act by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—and proves it has much […]

Aug 5, 2016

Olga Korbut: Olympic prodigy still going strong in Scottsdale

Known as the “Darling of Munich,” Olga Korbut won three gold medals in gymnastics at the 1972 Olympic Games in Germany, a sport she pursues to this day as a traveling coach based in Scottsdale.

Jul 12, 2016

For Jay Shi, path to Olympics proves ‘there’s always a way’

Jay Shi, an application developer at the Arizona Corporation Commission, will be competing in the men’s free pistol and men’s air pistol events at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil as part of Team USA.