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A rebuttal to PV mayor’s attack on short-term rentals

Our civic and political leaders need to stop reaching for these hyper-emotionalized and exaggerated examples that occur in less than one-tenth of 1% of all vacation rental properties. They are not the norm, but the rare exception. Those of us in the business want them gone too, and are working hard to root them out each and every day.

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Cities have tools to address bad actors in home sharing

Arizona’s Home-Sharing Act is a sensible law that says cities should use their existing powers to crack down on bad actors, rather than stripping innocent homeowners of their rights. Eliminating it would make it harder for Arizonans to pay their bills, increase neighborhood conflict, reduce property values, and hinder the state’s economy. And it’s all unnecessary. Cities already have the tools they need to address nuisances. They just need to use them.

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