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Apr 18, 2023

Transgender girls go to court over Arizona school sports ban

The parents of two transgender girls in Arizona filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging a year-old state law banning trans girls from participating in school sports.

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Jan 20, 2023

Arizona pauses lottery sales after update crashes system

Arizona Lottery officials have halted all ticket sales and prize redemptions after an update to install two new games caused the system to crash.

Dec 26, 2018

Republican lawmaker takes aim at public schools

Rep. Kelly Townsend wants school district employees and board members investigated at the whim of any legislator who questions the legality of their policies.

Sep 30, 2015

Novelist quits teaching at Arizona college over loyalty oath

A crime novelist and poet quit his job teaching creative writing at Phoenix College because of a longstanding state requirement for public employees to sign a loyalty oath.

May 5, 2015

Superior Court judge rules in favor of ‘dreamers’

Saying that federal law and not the state determines who is here legally, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday that “dreamers” are entitled to the same lower tuition rates as other Arizona residents.

Apr 13, 2015

Flagstaff group pushing to allow cities to adopt ‘living wage’ laws

A Flagstaff group is going to court as a first step that could allow all Arizona cities to adopt their own “living wage” laws.

Mar 3, 2015

TUSD gets reprieve from penalties for cultural courses

The Tucson Unified School District is safe for the time being from any penalties associated with alleged violations of a state law forbidding racially-charged classes.

Nov 14, 2014

Douglas’ first task: Administering state’s new Common Core test

The first task for Diane Douglas, who calls her election to superintendent of public instruction a mandate to end Common Core, will be overseeing the state’s new test for measuring public school students under the learning standards.

Mesa Mayor Scott Smith faces reporters while formally filing paperwork to run for Arizona Governor. (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)
Aug 15, 2014

Free Enterprise Club targets Smith in new TV ad

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club had spent roughly $1.5 million to influence voters in several statewide and legislative Republican primary races, but had stayed out of the hotly contested governor’s race – until now.

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Dec 10, 2013

Federal, state laws at odds on lobbyist political contributions

To curtail the inappropriate influence of money in politics, Arizona law prohibits lobbyists from contributing to lawmakers’ campaign committees while the Legislature is in session.

Dec 9, 2013


Arizona, other states retaliate against ‘revenge porn’

Sparked by a new law approved by the California legislature this fall, Arizona is one of several states where lawmakers are proposing bills to criminalize “revenge porn.”

Federal judge puts Arizona abortion law on hold
Nov 27, 2013

Arizona updating regulations on abortion clinics

Arizona health officials are drafting new rules on regulation of abortion clinics as required under a wide-ranging 2012 state law.