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Legislative UPDATE: Budget deal hung up

Republican leaders and Gov. Jan Brewer might have reached a tentative budget agreement, but they don’t have the votes, for now at least, to get it to her. That became apparent when the Senate adjourned tonight without hearing the budget in Approps. Republicans had planned to pass the budget deal today (July 29). “We are trying to get the votes. That’s the project,” Senate President Bob Burns said. “Obviously the first round of votes is the Appropriations Committee, and so we are trying to do that.”

Sen. Ron Gould said he is not voting for the one-cent sales tax referral, instead has suggested a 1.5% permanent increase in the sales tax coupled with the abolishment of the personal income tax staggered over three years. Gould also said Sen. Pamela Gorman and Sen. Jack Harper are not voting for the deal. All three are on Approps. If they do not support the tax increase, Republicans, who have seven members on the committee, won’t have the votes to send it to the floor. Burns said he doesn’t know if he would assign the budget bill to a different committee. The Senate is set to convene July 30.

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  1. Virginia Ginter

    Unless both parties really work together nothing will happen Each side will have to compromise Seems like we need a mediator, an outsider to get this going. I am very ashamed of this legislature and the governor. Too much behind the scenes. that is not what mature educated people shoud do.I sympathize with both those republicans and democrats that are trying to do the right thing. I am praying for all of them.

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