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Sen. Gorman forgot who she works for

This is an open letter to Sen. Pamela Gorman.

You seem to have forgotten for whom you work. Please let me remind you, you work for the people of Arizona. I am a citizen of Arizona and a resident of the district you represent in the Arizona Senate.
Therefore, as a voter from your district, you work for me.

The majority of the Arizona Senate and the governor have been unable to reach an agreement concerning raising the sales tax temporarily by 1 cent to help close the budget gap and save some services to the people of Arizona. Since you and Sen. Ron Gould have blocked referral of this question to the ballot, I now want you to allow my fellow Arizona residents and myself to decide this question by the process of a legislative referendum.

Enough is enough. You have made your point – you are against an increase in taxes. However, I really do not care about your making points, your ambition or some pledge you made to get votes, I care about Arizona.
If the governor can trust the people, why can’t you?

Bob Haran,


  1. Good point. I think ALL legislators and the Governor have forgotten for whom they work. They generally seem to think they are doing us a favor by advancing their own idealogical agendas as opposed to the will of the people.

  2. 70 percent of all voters oppose the Brewer tax increase. 88 percent of Republicans oppose the Brewer tax increase. 78 percent of independents oppose the Brewer tax increase. EVEN 48 percent of Democrats oppose the Brewer tax increase. And yet, Brewer’s response to the failure (so far) of her $3 billion tax hike on Arizona working families in the middle of a recession? She blames “extremists” in both parties for her failed tax increase effort. That is shameful.

    Senator Gorman is doing EXACTLY what she promised the voters when she ran for office. Gorman has been consistent throughout this process. Like 70 percent of the people, 88 percent of Republicans, 78 percent of independents … Gorman simply opposes increasing taxes.

    Thank God for the few elected officials like Senator Gorman who are willing to stand up and fight the special interests who want more and more money from taxpayers. And kudos to Senators Gould and Waring …. and Representatives Crump and Biggs … who have stood up with Senator Gorman and opposed the Governor’s risky $3 billion tax increase on working families.

  3. Bob:

    Senator Pamela Gorman doesn’t work for the Governor. She doesn’t work for Bob Burns. She doesn’t work for Chuck Coughlin or Randy Pullen or for the special interests that funded the misleading and dishonest attacks financed against her.

    She works for all the people of her district. She works for the state. And when a huge majority of her district and people from all over the state are communicating with her and encouraging to do what she promised the voters she would do in each of her three elections … she listened. She promised to oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes. Any Republican who made the same promises to their constituents and voted to pass the referral on the $3 billion tax increase has broken their word.

    So … somehow … because they don’t agree with you and the Governor and Randy Pullen and Chuck Coughlin and Bob Burns … that means that Ron Gould and Pamela Gorman and Jim Waring and Carolyn Allen and Andy Biggs and Sam Crump have somehow “forgotten who they work for?” No, I think THEY remember that they work for the people, not the insiders, special interests OR the Governor (who was never elected by the people to that position, certainly not on an anti-Republican platform of raising taxes on Arizona working families by $3 billion in the middle of a recession).

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