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It’s my party – now leave

Democrats partying it up at the Wrigley mansion Friday (Sept. 4) night were pretty surprised when city councilman Sal DiCiccio, a Republican, showed up at their high-end fundraiser. DiCiccio and wife, Deb, were apparently there to enjoy the view at the hill-top locale. But DiCiccio’s rival, Democrat Dana Kennedy, thinks he was actually crashing the party.

In fact, Kennedy, an invited guest at the shmoozefest, says she wasn’t pleased when her opponent started working the room, where politicos including Ed Pastor and Ann Kirkpatrick were mingling. “I was going to go up and say, ‘Hey, Sal. Did you decide to switch parties?'” Kennedy joked to Yellow Sheet. But she didn’t have to. Soon someone asked the Republican councilman if he’d like a voter registration form so he could make the switch right there. Soon after, he was asked to leave – and did.

While DiCiccio made the run-in sound like just that – an accidental run-in – Kennedy and her fellow Dems believe it was intentional. DiCiccio didn’t return a call to tell us his side of the story. But he did offer this at 9:47 p.m. the night of the party via his Facebook page: “Oops, Deb and I went to the Wrigley tonight to watch the sunset, turns out the Dems had a fundraiser there, we were invited in and had quite a lot of people talking to us about issues, Dana saw us and had her pal usher us out. Kinda funny night.”

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  1. Nonpartisan Citizen

    Democrats and Republicans alike want safe streets, clean water and adequate police and fire protection – that’s why party affiliation within the Council office is a non-issue. Sal is in touch with this sentiment so who cares if he’s a Republican at a Democratic fundraiser?

  2. By sentiment, you mean the exuberant feeling developers get when they have a politician in their pocket. Look at Sal DiCiccio’s donors (developers and moneyed interest) and you’ll see where his sentiments are.

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