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Poll shows high approval rating for Sheriff Joe (access required)

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio received a high approval rating in the most recent Cronkite/Eight poll. Sixty-one percent of Maricopa County voters said they approve or strongly approve of his job performance. Thirty-four percent disapprove or strongly disapprove. It's one of those love-him-or-hate-him kinds of things, as most voters logged in with a "strongly" response. Thirty-nine percent said they ...


  1. Interesting stats that boggle the brain. How is it that absolutely no one I have ever spoken with claims to support Arpaio yet his poll numbers come in so strong? Is is because they secretly support his bravado but are embarrassed to admit it? Strange indeed.

  2. These Polls are very interesting, no one I know contiues to support this out of control Racist, or his Neo-Nazi buddies?

    In January 2010 we can ALL Celebrate the two year aniversary of the start of the E-verify Law, the start of the Hitler like I.C.E. Program, the start of this the worst Re-cession in U.S. History, followed by the Global Re-cession, followed by worse Racism and Hate in America than that of the 1960’S!

    When you Deport or starve away approx; 30% of the hardest workers, their homes or apartments go into forclosure, and land in the already ailing Real Estate Market. This caused or Banking System to Crash and put a massive hole in the “Real Estate Bubble”!
    To make it worse the U.S. Census Bureau counted these hard working Immigrants as Citizens all along to base the size of our Government services on! (Police, Fire,Sheriffs, County City, Teachers, Ect. Ect.)
    Aprox: (1) million Government employees should have been fired the day E-verify took E-fect! (We are still paying them to do nothing!)
    I have to wonder when people figure out that Arpio, Pierce, and Thomas are responsible in large part for our crashed E-conomy and have cost most Americans nearly every thing they worked hard for their entire lives, HOW WILL THE POLLS BE THEN?
    Arizona has 30% less people and the same size Government!
    (Sorry this aint gonna work!)458

    An 1840’s French Historian said: America is great because it is good, when it ceases to be good it ceases to be great.

    This Deportation and Starvation of good hard working people and familes, many made up of both citizens and un-documenteds that have been here for nearly 30 years, allowed to legally own homes and have Citizen CHILDREN, has been nothing short of E-vil!

    If there are BAD People don’t you think we should go after thm not innocent Families and CHILDREN?

    Wake up America!
    We are Far Better than this!

  3. Personally, I think “Sheriff Joe” is a publicity-hound. Some of the things he has done, and is doing, are for the good; however, his need to blow his own horn at any opportunity has no purpose except for just that! Other law enforcement officials are coping with similar problems as have occurred in Maricopa County, and doing so with good results–but do you hear a lot about them? No, because it is just part of doing their jobs, however innovative their methods might be.

  4. Sheriff Joe has been demonized because he actually carries out his duties, unlike a large majority of law enforcement departments when it comes to illegal immigration? Hey! Don’t get me wrong hundreds of county police chiefs are operating under the federal training program 287 G. This means they are deputized as federal agents to apprehend foreign nationals. Ariapo has been accused of racial profiling, when the truth is that Arizona and other border states are overwhelmed by an indigenous people, from south of the border. This political correctness has been adopted by the Democratic-Marxist-Socialist party members, which has distorted the laws of this country to benefit parasite business organizations and wide open border fanatics. Why should Sheriff Joe Ariapo of Maricopa County, Arizona be even flustered by the feds stripping his use of the 287 G police, apprehend, detain, question suspicious people? When San Francisco mayor Galvin Newsom and Los Angeles Antonio R. Villaraigosa and all the other–SANCTUARY CITIES AND STATES, completely ignore federal laws?

    Sen. Diane Feinstein D-CA in 1986 along with the Board of Supervisors was the first to inaugurate the pro-illegal alien Sanctuary City policy in San Francisco, then the others followed. After that benefit-giving accelerated with free health care, education and illegal females who stole into America got instant citizenship for their Anchor babies. Taxpayers complimented their illegal actions with low income housing, free breakfast and lunches for her other children and a whole host of other undisclosed government payouts. Then why is the California screaming we are in debt, when taxpayer once again demanded no more free handouts in proposition 187, but the class action lawsuit was conveniently shut-off from reaching the Supreme court.


    City Manager Micheal Andronivich as far back as 2004 said illegal families were draining Los Angeles county coffers of billions. Even today California is not floating in red ink, as billions are still being drained by incompetent Sacramento assembly who have been pandering to illegal aliens for years.Laying around the feet of Governors, Mayors, Judges, state and City officials is the murdered bodies of Jamiel Shaw and Bologna family of three, slaughtered by illegal alien gang members, whose police departments had failed to inform ICE before the bloody incidents happened. We certainly don’t need these anti-sovereignty elected public officials from running our country. Go to NUMBERSUSA for negative immigration enforcement grading and throw them out of office. Go to JUDICIAL WATCH for corruption revealed in government. Tell your lawmakers to enforce E-Verify, the 287 G uniformed police enforcement. Clean the slate clean of illegal labor with this E-Verify computer based program, that must be permanently installed in every business nationwide.

    Light a fire under nonchalant politicians who are selling American workers futures to highest bidder contact WASHINGTON at 202-224-3121 As easily as you voted for these people, you can vote them OUT?

  5. Britanius: Sheriff Arpio has DEMONIZED himself by associating with Neo-Nazi’s, by yelling at Wemon on public television, by addmitting to Racial Profiling on public television, by Racially Terrorizing good hard working Human Beings, even agaisnt the orders of our Federal Govenment, by trasining his deputies to Torture/Murder persons in custody, because then it is O.K. no repercussions as proven in the 1996 Torture/Murder of a man for simply spitting! By stealing/confiscating thousands of innocent, non-convicted, non sentenced peoples hard earned belongings, crime or no crime and using the Ill gotton Funds for such things as M.C.S.O. Vacations, Large Amusement Park Parties, and now to hire high priced Washington Attorneys to go after his rivals!I further believe he has deported many to their imminent deaths in the harsh Mexican desert after robbing them of all of their belongings! Perhaps with theri cars, and cash they could have survived?

    In Short In my oppinion I consider him to be the worst Racist in American History, part of America’s largest Property Theft Ring and to be Truly E-vil!

    I am an Arizona Native, I was here long before Arpio slithered his way to Phoenix!

    Arpio now claims there is a conspiracy against him, he is right it is called the HUMAN RACE!

    Further E-njoy this the worst Re-cession in U.S. history that started at the E-xact same time as E-verify, I.C.E. and Arpio’s Ethnic Cleansing Campaign of Terror!

    Arizona has approx: 30% less people now and the same size Government?
    Somebody, please BAIL US OUT!

  6. I believe History will show Arpio to be America’s worst Racist and the M.C.S.O to be America’s largest PROPERTY THEFT RING!

    They have Stollen/confiscated thousands of innocent(Non convicted or sentenced,crime or no crime!) peoples hard earned belongings, Including Vehicles,Homes , Cash, Ect.
    The Illgotten Funds form these THEFTS have been used for M.C.S.O Vacations, Large Amusement Park Parties, to hire high priced Attorneys to go after Arpio’s Rivals! Now one or two of M.C.S.O.’s Deputies have been caught on video rumaging through a Female Defense Attorneys Private papers behind her back as she stood with her client infront of a Judge! UN_BELEIVABLE! (This goe’s to their out of control Leadership and M.C.S.O.’s belief they are Above (actually Below) the Law and “Answer to no one!”

  7. We need 1,000 more just like him doing their duty to uphold the law! Good job Sheriff Joe and staff, we appreciate your hard work for all the citizens of Maricopa! Keep it up.

  8. Isn’t he an elected official? Hasn’t he been in his position for 18 years? So the poll numbers seem to reflect the voters choices as well. Not surprising. I don’t know much about the man, but I do know he’s tough on crime, and that’s what people want. Everyone I know who opposes him either opposes harsh treatment of criminals or has spent some time in tent city and is bitter. I’m not really sure what those who oppose him want in a Sheriff. Andy Griffith?

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