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Congratulations to Brewer for Privatization Commission

Gov. Brewer is on the right track in looking for ways to save money by establishing her Privatization Commission (announced Dec. 21). I hope that the targets for this commission will not be limited, since there is virtually no function of state government that cannot be privatized. We may choose to keep the courts and police as government employees, but even they could be private, albeit as a government granted monopoly.

The easy targets should be functions like managing the state parks, running the departments of Commerce and Tourism, running all the state’s post secondary education, building and maintaining roads, distribution of welfare payments, etc, etc. Thank you Gov. Brewer. Now let’s make this a meaningful effort.

– Roy Miller, Phoenix


  1. Domestic and Civil issues should not be taxpayer supported. A plan for the privatization of civil actions and family disputes is a provovcative concept and should be reviewed.

    Civil actions involving contracts and family disputes need to need to be paid for by the litigants.

    Wow!! Would the State Bar Association protest such a move. Whew!!!

  2. If you want it to grow and expand, then privatize it. For, that is the nature of private enterprise. Private enterprise is based upon profits. Executive rewards are based on profits. Profits and self-interest have been the core to the success of private enterprise for 2,000 years. Efficiency, yes, but for profits. Question is: What does efficiency mean? Does it mean less safety? Does it mean lower wages and less training? Does it mean no soap or toilet paper for prisoners as in the for-profit prisons? Efficiency–for profits at any cost–destroys.

  3. “Privatize Everything” is the most ill conceived, disingenuous, anti intellectual, and short sighted proclaimation for the year of 2010.

    Even the “Commission” is stacked with people with an ideological perspective and conflict of interest positions…some are from out of State organizations pushing a national right wing agenda.

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