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Lujan launches AG campaign via video

David Lujan

David Lujan

House Minority Leader David Lujan officially announced his candidacy for Arizona attorney general on Jan. 14.

Lujan is the second Democrat to jump into the race for attorney general. Felecia Rotellini, the former director of the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions, launched her campaign in September. Assistant Attorney General Vince Rabago has expressed interest in the race as well.

In his official announcement, Lujan pledged to protect all Arizonans and bashed the state’s Republican leadership.

“Gov. Brewer and the Republicans have mismanaged our state, and now Arizonans are paying the price. People are losing their jobs, their homes and their life savings. Our dropout rate is soaring and our prison population is growing along with it,” Lujan said in an online campaign video. “Now, more than ever, we need to elect an attorney general who will seek justice for all Arizonans, not just the rich or the well connected. We cannot afford to elect a Republican who will put ideology ahead of justice, or politics ahead of people.”

A former assistant attorney general, Lujan touted his career as a prosecutor and state legislator.

“I’ve spent my career working to protect the most vulnerable among us. I’ve stood in a courtroom and prosecuted criminals. I’ve taken on corrupt politicians and corporations who have violated workers’ rights. I’ve authored tough laws to crack down on violent crime and identity theft. For the past five years, I’ve represented victims of child abuse and domestic violence,” he said in the campaign video.

Lujan had organized his campaign to run as a traditionally funded candidate, but decided in December to run under the Clean Elections system and refunded nearly $32,000 in campaign donations. He told the Arizona Capitol Times that he decided to run clean because it would free him up to spend more time campaigning and talking to voters, instead of soliciting donations.


  1. David is the best and most credible candidate officially in the race for AG now. He’ll serve the state well if elected…

  2. What a joke! He’s only running clean because he couldn’t raise money. Quit while you’re ahead buddy.

  3. Lujan is a great leader and will greatly improve Arizona in the future. He is the only democrat so far that has any experience leading the state (as both an assistant AG and as Minority Leader of the State House). He battled against the Republicans during one of the worst fiscal crises Az has ever faced. He is strong, competent and experienced and will be a great AG.

    The other candidates should try and run for something smaller first so they have some experience before they try for a statewide office. Now the other democratic candidates will just fail as Attorney General.

    Lujan must also be elected because Andrew Thomas is one of the worst things to happen to Arizona ever. He and Arpaio have cost the state millions of dollars on their illegal exploits.

  4. David Lujan is going to make a great attorney general! As someone who has always fought for those who were left without a voice, David will continue to fight for all Arizonians as Attorney General. I am proud to offer my support for David Lujan, and can’t wait to help him win both the primary and general elections!

  5. David Lujan is the best person for the job, he honestly does care for the people of AZ. Az needs Lujan.

  6. David Lujan is a true advocate for Arizona families. He has stood up against cuts to education and Child Protective Services and has done a remarkable amount of work with Defenders of Children. He has my vote.

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