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AZ delegation, candidates weigh in on health care legislation (access required)

The U.S. House of Representatives on March 21 voted 219 to 212 to pass the health care legislation that the Senate had already approved. The vote sends the measure to President Obama, who expects to sign the legislation March 23. After the vote, Arizona’s congressional delegation explained either their support or their opposition. Candidates for Congress also weighed in.


  1. When President Bush vetoed the SCHIP bill back in 2007, he did it because he knew that this bill will eventually lead to federalized healthcare. The purpose and intent of the SCHIP bill was to enforce a form of healthcare for the poor children, not the middle class. He mentioned that we may see one out of three children leaving their private healthcare plans to join a federalized plan. Since we don’t really know everything that is in the present bill, we need more answers and not partisan viewpoints by only the democratic party. The old saying goes, “If you have nothing to hide, then why hide it?” We need reassurances that doctors will not be dictated to as to how they should treat their patients. We need to know that if a doctor intends on performing more tests on a patient, that they will be able to do so without government intervention. This protects the patient and the doctor. Since it will be required for everyone to have insurance (which isn’t really constitutional), what else in the future will be required of the people? These are questions that not only Americans are looking at, but the whole world. A person making $80,000 a year should be able to afford a private health insurance plan, not a government-run health plan. Most people are making in the 40 or 50 thousand range. This bill needs to be reread and studied before any final resolutions. I am in favor of insurance coverage for all, but not in the way things are being done, as most Americans feel the same way. The only advantage that I can see thus far is this: Since so many are now losing their jobs and their homes, it’s better that they have some form of coverage than none at all. Therefore, I see the timing of this whole situation quite advantageous for those who prefer dictatorships.

  2. TrueAZConservative

    With the passage of this abhorent assault on all Americans’ freedom, and state sovereignty, voters need to deeply consider who they will support this November! We need real conservative represenatives in power in order to stop the attack from the left.

    The following is former State Senator, and CD3 candidate, Pamela Gorman’s take on the health care bill::

    “As America watched, 219 House Democrats recently ignored the will of the American people and passed their government takeover of health care. These people, supposedly representing us all, deemed your opinion irrelevant.

    I was out in the community at a campaign event that day meeting voters and I can tell you I have never, in all the years I have served in public office, seen this level of concern and utter frustration from the electorate. Many approached my booth and the first thing they wanted to know was, “Where do you stand on this healthcare bill being voted today?” That tells me that people are both engaged and motivated. That is the good news. The bad news is that this monstrosity of a bill did later that night pass. The problems with this enormous overhaul of American healthcare policy are numerous, but here are a few that concerned voters the most:

    • The unconstitutional individual mandate
    • The job-killing employer mandate and taxes
    • The taxpayer funding of abortion
    • The Medicare cuts that take choices away from seniors
    • The unfunded mandates on States which will burden already-strained budgets with billions in new spending obligations
    • The new government czars charged with deciding health care coverage
    • The shady backroom deals made to buy off votes from Members of Congress who otherwise would not have supported this bill.

    Prior to passage of this bill, the biggest concerns for most Americans were rising premiums and the rising cost of care. The Democrats’ bill, with all its disastrous policies, does not curb skyrocketing costs. And, premiums will go up under their plan along with taxes (both direct and indirect).

    To improve access to quality, affordable health care, we must look to patient-centered reforms based on the principles of choice and innovation. Several good policy proposals have been suggested by members of Congress over the last couple decades, and it is high time we get behind these reforms to replace this disastrous effort recently passed by Democrats in Washington.

    This week, Republicans begin the hard work of repealing the terrible policies contained in the Democrats’ bill. But the reality is that we will only be successful in doing so through the election process. That is where YOU can finally be heard.

    Show Washington that you are not only relevant, but that you are powerful. Let them “hear” you, finally, with a voice they cannot ignore… your voter’s voice!

    I am determined to not only vote to repeal this destructive bill, but to replace it with real reforms that are long overdue for the American consumer. I want to see the marketplace work by giving you the freedom to choose your own healthcare provider, and if you choose, your own insurance provider. You should be able to directly purchase your insurance at any level of coverage, from any insurance company, in any state… And, you should be able to purchase it with after-tax dollars (just like employers do now).

    Most Republican candidates for Congress will support these better options, but I will lead the way and fight to the end. That is what I have always done in your state legislature, and you can count on me to continue to be a fighter for you when I get to Washington. We are in a battle for the very soul of America. This is no time for “go-along-get-along” politicians. I am a fighter and I am not afraid to fight the Republican party, if they are behaving like Democrats and bureaucrats.”

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