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Arizona needs more Jack Browns (access required)

After Rusty Bowers busted out a tune as the lone “singing senator” and a roast-and-toast by lobbyists Russ Smolden and Marty Shultz, I was under the impression that nothing about this year’s Legislative Wrap-Up would be serious. But just when I began thinking Tuesday morning would be all comedy, Rep. Jack Brown gave a short farewell speech that sobered me right up.


  1. Politicians giving farewell speeches can be forgiven for substituting desires for facts. Sadly, Jack Brown’s actual voting record showed him to be a simple partisan, voting party line votes for the Democrat agenda and against the Republican agenda for most of the last 6-10 years. Perhaps in his earlier years he was more bipartisan in his votes, but if you looked at his record over the last decade (which is a long time and a lot of votes all by itself), then his real record does not match his rhetoric. Unless somewhere in his speech he admitted that he himself was a part of the problem he was decrying? Somehow I suspect not, most politicians wouldn’t. So while I disagree with your premise that we need more Jack Browns (on the basis that we already have a whole legislature full of them), you will be pleased to know that an entirely new crop of Jack Browns will be sworn into office next January, regular as clockwork.

  2. Eric, you may be correct about his recent voting record, but working together in the Legislature is about much more than simply votes. Brown helped craft Republican-sponsored legislation on many occassions, and he worked behind the scenes much of the time to foster cooperation. He wasn’t always successful and I’m sure he didn’t always cross the aisle to cooperate, which is no surprise, but I think he stood out among the rest for his willingness to work respectfully with his political opponents. I’m not asking lawmakers to vote against their beliefs – I’m only asking that they try to understand each other and realize both sides have something to offer.

  3. Point taken, and good to know. Who stands out for you on the Republican side for being able to work quietly behind the scenes to get stuff done? I’m thinking specifically of the conservative majority, rather than a Lucy Mason/Bill Konopnicki type who might actually be more comfortable on the other side of the aisle. Somebody with a right-wing reputation who is actually getting it done on both sides of the aisle?

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