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Capitol Quotes: July 16, 2010

‘Game on!’ — Democrat, Attorney General Terry Goddard, via Twitter, after Buz Mills dropped his GOP primary, essentially giving Jan Brewer a clear path to the GOD nomination.

“We need to be focusing on the fiscal issues. The state’s broke and we’re getting worse, and all you hear about in the news is 1070.” — Sen. Steve Pierce, a Republican from Prescott.

“Gov. Brewer is going to need all our help to shoulder the burden of defending Arizona from the federal government.” — State Treasurer Dean Martin, upon suspending his campaign for governor.

“Political history is full of people with money and ambition but no first-place trophy on the mantle.” — Lobbyist Stan Barnes, on Buz Mills’ free-spending campaign.

“It’s tough to compete with the Greta and Jan show every night on national television.” — Buz Mills

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