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Reaction to S1070 ruling: GOP riled, Dems elated (access required)

Arizona politicians reacted to today's S1070 ruling as expected: Many Republicans were upset that federal Judge Susan Bolton halted the major parts of the law, and many Democrats were relieved that it was gutted before taking effect. Here's what they had to say: Sen. Russell Pearce, Mesa Republican and sponsor of S1070: “This law will go into effect.” Sen. Jorge Luis ...


  1. J.D. you fail to recognize that the Judge did NOT make “law” she interpreted the law as she “judged” whether it was valid and constitutional. That sir is indeed her job.

  2. This judge Bolton should be ashamed of herselk for what she has done,she is not an Arizonan. She must support crime ,and for me sounding like I am crying about it ,didn”t others CRY about it when our Gov. Signed it into law?

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