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Killer says politics will force his execution (access required)

A condemned inmate asked the Arizona Supreme Court Oct. 13 to postpone his execution until after the gubernatorial election. Jeffrey Landrigan argues in legal briefs that Gov. Jan Brewer has political incentive to go forward with the Oct. 26 execution even if the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency recommends against it. Landrigan is scheduled to go before ...


  1. This guy murdered someone over 20 years ago, this election has nothing to do with his sentence. 20 years later “mitigating” facts come to light,baloney. Serial murderer, prepare to meet your maker!

  2. BS, the guy killed two people. The only miscarrage of justice here is that he should have been put to death in Oklahoma 20 years ago.Spare him now, pay for it again…. later.

  3. A friend of Jeffrey Landrigan

    The killing in Oklahoma was self-defense, although never recognized as such by the courts. The killing in Arizona, well, we’ll never know what happened. Likely that he did it, probably in a moment of passion. That’s a horrible crime, but doesn’t rise to the level of capital punishment. And it took 20 years because that’s how long it took him to pull the resources together to appeal.

    You shouldn’t comment on things you don’t understand. Sometimes it just makes you look like a bloodthirsty fool.

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