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Post-election interviews with Democratic and Republican party heads

UpClose with Don Bivens; Dem chair: 2010 losses were inevitable despite high-caliber candidates

When Don Bivens moved to Arizona in the late 1970s to begin practicing law, he asked people how he could get involved with the Democratic Party and quickly met a young politician named Terry Goddard who ushered him into the organization.

Since then, Bivens has stayed active in the party, ascending to party chairman in 2007.

Though Bivens says he’s still not sure if he’ll run for chairman in January, he is already thinking about how Democrats can get up, dust themselves off and get back in the fight after getting trounced by Republicans this year.

UpClose with Randy Pullen; State Republican chairman defends party’s spending choices

After leading the state Republican Party to historic wins this year in the Legislature and statewide offices, GOP Chairman Randy Pullen suffered a stunning loss at the hands of his own peers.

The Arizona Capitol Times sat down with Pullen just two days before a District 11 GOP meeting, where he was rejected as a state committeeman. After the votes were tallied, Pullen was not nominated to be even one of the 135 state committeemen.

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