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Let the ax fall

Some employee terminations help the economy.

There is a myth going around that even if government employees are inefficient or unneeded, we should not terminate them in this economic crisis because it would dampen the economy. The opposite is actually true. Because most government employees do not produce wealth — they tax and regulate the ones who produce wealth — it would be better to for them to seek employment in the private sector, in jobs that produce wealth and therefore add to the economy.

There is actually a double benefit because we would then not have to tax productive private sector employees as much to pay the salaries of those former government employees.

Let the ax fall.

— Roy Miller, Phoenix


  1. I would have to strongly disagree with the writer. Even if you follow his reasoning to its illogical conclusions, he is wrong on all points. Government employees generate the revenue necessary to keep fire, police, school districts and local governments operating.

    They protect Arizonans from fraud, corruption, crime and are the first responders in emergencies. They make sure our water supplies are safe, our children are educated, maintain the roads and highways, ensure our safety by properly operating our prison systems, assist and protect the most vulnerable in our communities, and much more.

    For profit entities operate for themselves, not for the good of the community. The writers analogy of swinging an ax and putting Arizonans who provide invaluable services to our state, our families, our seniors and our communities as a whole on the unemployment line, will not stimulate our economy.

    The tens of thousands of Arizonans already trying to find work can tell the writer, the jobs are not here.

    Maybe the writer should think long and hard about how public employees touch our lives every single day, most of the time we do not even realize our daily activities would not go so smoothly if it were not for the efforts of these Arizonans who serve their country by serving the public every day.

  2. Attention Capitol Times – if this is the kind of Letter to The Editor you are going to print (from Roy ‘Mr. Teabagger’ Miller), cancel my subscription. It is time to get off the sidelines and start taking a stand. Miller is an idiot and only in the game for himself. He is TOTALLY unable of any original thought and giving him credence by printing his rant can no longer be rewarded.

    I sincerely hope others follow my lead – and if not – then they deserve this kind of backwards, hateful, illogical thinking.

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