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Legislative map now focus of redistricting commission

Arizona’s redistricting commission starts work in earnest Wednesday on a draft legislative map.

A Republican commissioner and a Democratic commission member each have proposed maps for the panel to consider.

Wednesday’s meeting is less than a week from the scheduled start of a 30-day public comment period that involves holding hearings around the state.

The commission approved a draft congressional map on Monday.

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  1. The Az Republic, Daily Kros, and washington Post proudly state that the map \screws Republicans\ to whit:

    Solidifies Dem Grijalva Mr La Raza : removes the most troubling area, Republican area of Yuma

    Dem Gifford’s weak area was Rep Cochise County-now erased for Giffords

    Eliminated Rep Gosar’s GOP dominated Yavapi County out of his district and GOP-friendly spots east of Phoenix replaced by Dem area of Tucson

    GOP Congressman Quayle and Schweikert lost their districts.

    Took away GOP Congressman Schweikert’s hometown of Fountain Hills away from its natural relationship with Scottsdale, Cave Creek and Carefree. FH will now be part of the ultimate in gerrymandering in a district of dissimilar \communities of interest\ of Apache Junction, Yuma and Colorado City.

    US Congressman Flake: \sacrificed communities of interest for competetiveness\ \ignores the law\

    UG Congressman Schweikert: \ Alleged violations of AZ’s Open Meeting law even a claim by one commissioner’s attorney that the Open Meeting Laws does not apply to them \ \grave concerns about the shadiness in which this commission conducted it’s business\

    Gov Brewer: \fatally flawed\ (Rght! Throw out Obama’s Strategic Telemetry and start over);\Partisan giveaway\, \Democrats gerrymandering at its worst\ \IRC violated the law\,\Neglect of duty\, \Gross misconduct\ \Stop this travest\ (throw the book at the 3 -Horne!), and \awarding to the Democratic Party control of congressional districts that it could not win on Election Day\

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